Ocean bamboo beads Steel Blue

Ocean bamboo beads Steel Blue

Specifications Ocean bamboo beads: • The nature-friendly alternative of blood coral, found in dried-out sea beads. Ocean bamboo, or actually bamboo coral, is a skeleton made up of calcium carbonate in the form of tree-like branches. Due to the decomposing and petrification of the bamboo roots and the incorporation of iron and salts, ocean bamboo comes into existence. The original colour of bamboo coral is yellow-white. The beads obtain their specific colour when they are submerged in a colour bath. Finally, the beads are coated with a resin base and polished, resulting in a beautiful high gloss. • Ocean bamboo is a natural product, each bead has its unique appearance, colour and, sizes may vary.

Size: approx. 4-18mm (Ø0.5mm)
Content: 120 pieces (string 40cm)
Colour: Steel Blue
Material: Natural products
Item no.: 73245