Make personalised jewellery with items from Beads-Wholesale-Online

One of the most popular items to give as a gift or to wear yourself is a piece of jewellery with a personal touch. Personalised jewellery tells a story, has a certain significance or symbolic value and each piece is unique. This type of jewellery can be created easily so that you can offer it in your range. The possibilities are endless; you can also offer DIY kits to your customers so they can make personalised jewellery using items such as beads with letters. Are your customers fans of ready-to-wear jewellery for which they only need to select a symbol or initial? Then our Mix & Match collection is ideal.  

This jewellery can be given to anyone as a gift, whether you're thinking of friends, your mother or even a colleague. By personalising the jewellery, it can become a meaningful and personal item for anyone. Jewellery using initial charms is also very trendy and is becoming more evident in high fashion. This is due to greater value being ascribed to creating meaning, a sense of symbolism and memories. In the range of Beads-Wholesale-Online, you will find a stunning collection of items you can use to design your own personalised jewellery. As well as components for making the jewellery, we also have a gorgeous collection of jewellery cards and packs. This offers a beautiful way to package your jewellery and can include an extra handwritten message.  

Use Birth flower symbols to design jewellery with a personal message

There are so many possibilities when making jewellery with a personal touch that it is important to choose the options that fit into your range. If, for example, you select jewellery with a personalised detail on the basis of star signs, you can offer a necklace or bracelet. The star signs are available in various materials and designs. Design star sign jewellery with DQ metal charms, stainless steel charms with star signs, or get creative with acrylic letter beads with star signs. You can use these items to easily make a necklace or bracelet.

Letter beads are one of the most popular items for personalising jewellery. These beads can be combined with freshwater pearls, glass rocailles beads or initial charms to make a beautiful bracelet. These letter beads and other beads can be easily threaded onto elastic thread. When personalising jewellery, your month of birth can have huge significance. Every birth month has its own Birth flower symbol. These symbols are all found in our Birth Flower collection. Combine these Birth flower beads and charms with Mix & Match chains, stainless steel creoles or get creative and alternate them with other beads. And don’t forget our exclusive C.U.S® jewellery message beads collection. With this series, you can design stunning bracelets and necklaces. Do you already have an idea of what personalised jewellery you will make?