Jewellery cards "made with love" Brown

Jewellery cards "made with love" Brown

How fun to give someone a self-made piece of jewellery and use this jewellery card "handmade with love" mandala? This card with a super fun mandla print and the text "handmade with love" has two folding lines so you can fold them easily into the right shape. Use them together with your handmade bracelets or necklaces and you will turn your jewellery into a very nice gift in a split second. Because of the little loop on top of the cards you can easily hang them onto a rack in your shop. The cards come in a brown colour. Use our coloured organza jewellery bags as special packing. Who wouldn't like to receive such a "handmade" gift?

Size: approx 4.5x13.4cm
Content: 50 Pieces
Colour: Brown
Item no.: 44152