The choker necklace with crystal glass pendants as part of your autumn collection

Statement jewellery is all the rage this autumn. This includes not only statement necklaces, but also statement earrings, chunky bracelets and jewellery with crystal glass and pearls. Striking rings and spectacular accessories are also very trendy and will be a common sight. Create a beautiful collection for this autumn with the right components. Design, for example, a choker necklace as a statement necklace and use larger beads than you would normally use, such as large freshwater pearls. Opt for acrylic chains which you can incorporate into all your jewellery or into a trendy phone cord. Design your own rings and combine them with ready-to-wear stainless steel or DQ metal rings from the collection. Are you more into elegant jewellery? Then design jewellery with trendy freshwater pearls and sparkling crystal glass pendants that will be everywhere this autumn. Create various bracelets and combine them with a trendy bangle bracelet. You can, of course, also design statement earrings by using striking beads or glitter items in beautiful long earrings that stand out due to their length, colours and glitter. Design earrings that you wear together, but which are not the same; for example, a long and a short earring to go with this autumn's asymmetric trend. Not everything has to match exactly, so let your inspiration run free!


Choker necklaces and bangle bracelets: this autumn's trends

Anything is possible this autumn! Create unique combinations with the latest trendy colours and let your items shine. Wear a choker necklace along with an elegant necklace that you make with a colourful crystal glass pendant to make the statement necklace stand out even more. You can also combine the pearl jewellery with jewellery in warm neon colours. The very popular crystal glass pendants can also be used wonderfully in statement earrings. This autumn, phone cords will be indispensable. Design your own phone cords with acrylic chain in various colours in combination with coarse jasseron chain. You can also design bracelets, statement earrings, choker necklaces and a necklace in the same way. ‘Statement’ does not necessarily mean large jewellery! Statement jewellery can also be created by working with striking and trendy colours. You are sure to make a statement with colourful jewellery! To complete your collection, you can combine handcrafted bracelets in beautiful neon colours for a true bracelet party!





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