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Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia

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Zirconia items at Beads Wholesale Online

Beads Wholesale Online offers a great variety of Cubic Zirconia items, such as charms, earrings and bracelets. All Zirconia items are made of brass metal and decorated with small stones in all kinds of colours. These findings are perfect for making statement pieces of jewellery and to create your own individual look.


Now what is Cubic Zirconia? Cubic Zirconia is made of synthesized material and is used as a diamond alternative or diamond simulants. To create these stones, two different substances are fused at extremely high temperatures. Therefore, zirconia is not a natural crystal, but a man-made product.
This type of stone is by far the most common and most realistic imitation of a diamant. Cubic Zirconia is a hard stone, it is highly resistant to scratches.

Beads Wholesale Online collection

Our earring range consists of ear cuffs, creole hoop earrings and studs with chains. All of these are available with both white Cubic Zirconia stones and coloured Zirconia stones.
Ear cuffs can be combined perfectly fine with other kinds of earrings and will give you an instant fashionable and trendy look.


In our range of Zirconia jewellery findings, you will find a great number of clasps and charms. These clasps are available in numerous shapes and forms; butterflies, hearts, stars, ovals, lightning shapes and so on. Clasps can be used as both a charm and a connector piece. This finding on itself is already a real eye-catcher and can easily be used in combination with for example a belcher chain to create a spectacular piece of jewellery.


We also have ready to wear bracelets with colourful stones in this collection. These bracelets are perfect to quickly create a cheerful look when you're lacking time. If you prefer to create your own type of bracelet, go check our newest addition; Zirconia Beads! These lovely beads are not only beautiful on their own, but can also easily be combined with beads or findings from other ranges.


So if you still ask yourself, ‘what is Cubic Zirconia,’ we can conclude that these cheerful and easy-to-handle pieces are perfect for making your statement piece of jewellery.