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C.U.S® Jewellery

C.U.S® Jewellery

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Create ribbon bracelets with our new C.U.S collection

C.U.S jewellery is a new concept in jewellery and is now available exclusively on the Beads Wholesale Online website! C.U.S stands for Changeable Unique Style and is a new mix and match concept involving interchangeable bracelets and beads. The C.U.S jewellery collection is an absolute must for any (online) shop that wishes to offer trendy jewellery to its customers. Each C.U.S ribbon bracelet or necklace can be composed entirely according to your own style, and that is exactly what makes each item unique. The style of these wrap bracelets is fun, refined, elegant and eye-catching.

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The C.U.S jewellery collection consists of a wide range of various items which can all be perfectly matched and can be used to make a C.U.S wrap bracelet or necklace. The most important component is the C.U.S jewellery ribbon. The ribbon for necklaces and bracelets is available in 3 lengths: 55 cm, 65 cm and 70 cm. In addition to the different lengths, all are available in different colours and designs. The C.U.S jewellery ribbon are available in one colour, a combination of different colours or with a beautiful shimmering effect. The C.U.S jewellery collection offers various C.U.S beads. From elegant C.U.S sliders in Greek DQ ceramic to DQ metal beads. Both groups are available in different models and sizes.

Make your own C.U.S bracelet

The composition possibilities of C.U.S jewellery are almost endless. Because of the different lengths of the C.U.S jewellery ribbon, you can create double or triple bracelets, or make a necklace. Create your own beaded bracelet by using Greek DQ ceramic C.U.S beads/sliders, DQ metal beads, alphabet beads or a pendant with an eyelet. By alternating these items, you will get the most beautiful designs. You can also hang a beautiful semi-precious stone pendant, a freshwater pearl or a DQ metal charm on the eyelet. These items can be composed according to your taste and are also very easy to personalise and subsequently make a great gift. How to close the wrap bracelet? By simply making a square knot or by using a jewellery clasp such as a T clasp.