The most beautiful jewellery for an Ibiza summer vibe

The countdown to the long sunny days has begun: Summer is coming! It's time to bring out your colourful and breezy outfits, perfect for long days at the beach. Our jewellery is reminded of the sparkling sea and vibrant sea life. Therefore, we present the latest summer jewellery trends that perfectly match the Ibiza summer vibes and should definitely not be missing from your collection. Take a quick look, get inspired by the Ibiza summer vibes, and find your new favourites! Read more

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Get ready for spring/summer 2024!

Ready to dive into the spring/summer fashion trends for this year? Here you'll read about the must-have trends within the jewellery world that are essential for your new collection. You'll find everything from long statement earrings to big statement jewellery, nature tones but also flowers and insects. This season promises to be a true journey of discovery in the jewellery world. Are you ready to read along? Read more

Sparkling jewellery for Christmas 2023

The holidays are approaching and the magic of Christmas is slowly but surely starting to fill the air. With your creativity and these inspirational ideas and tips for Christmas, you can create a sparkling new Christmas collection. In this blog, you can discover ready-made jewellery and simple jewellery that is easy to make, as well as jewellery for creative designers. Read more

Jewellery trends for autumn/winter 2023

Summer is slowly coming to an end and so it’s time to get ready for your upcoming jewellery collection. Want to know more about the latest jewellery trends to use as inspiration for your autumn/winter 2023 jewellery collection? Quickly check out the new trendy colours and read all about this year’s jewellery trends for the upcoming season and GET INSPIRED!Read more

This jewellery trend is a must-have for your collection this spring

The days are getting slightly longer again and it won’t be long before the first buds emerge on the trees. This means spring is just around the corner! While we say goodbye to the festive holiday period and short winter days, it’s time to look forward to the coming season. We are therefore swapping our winter jewellery trends for a more summery collection. We’ve drawn up a list of the most beautiful trendy jewellery that deserves to be included in your range. Ready to read further? Read more

Jewellery trends for Valentine's Day 2023

Valentine's Day is upon us again and that means new inspiration, a dose of creativity and, of course, lots of love! In this blog, we bring you up to date on the latest trends to help you put together the ultimate Valentine's Day collection. This year's trends are mainly focussed on personalising jewellery, in order to create a unique and personal jewellery gift. Gift packaging also plays an important role. Our range includes plenty of options for beautifully packaging the jewellery you create. Read more

Jewellery trends for Christmas 2022

The holidays are coming closer, so it's time to prepare your Christmas collection! In this blog, you can discover the various trends for a festive holiday season. The month of December is all about giving. Therefore, it is a good idea to wrap the jewellery bought by your customers in luxurious boxes or bags. Finish it off by adding a beautiful jewellery card with holiday greetings.Read more

Trends for autumn and winter

We start with an overview of the trendy colours that will be very popular this autumn and winter. In the coming seasons, we will see both warm neon colours and matching colours. You can combine these colours endlessly and put together a wonderfully colourful collection. Below is an overview of this autumn’s trendy colours Read more

Colourful jewellery 2022

Do you also love the summer and can’t wait to start assembling your summer collection? Good news! We’ve listed the most important colourful jewellery trends so you can create jewellery according to this summer’s tendencies. Keep reading if we sparked your interest!Read more

Jewellery trends spring and summer 2022

Assemble your collection for spring and summer 2022 now. The new year brings you lots of new trends and new colours. Whether you want to follow the trends closely or buy the items you like; it is always nice to get inspired by new trends. Read along with us!Read more

The basic tips to create jewellery!

Would you like to start creating jewellery? To assemble your jewellery collection yourself according to your wishes, you could use some knowledge about the basic techniques. We would like to guide you step by step using DIY videos to explain to you how to do so. We will use different materials. This way we want to inspire you to get creative yourself and to realise the most beautiful creations with a solid base. You will see: you will make your own jewellery in no time.Read more

BLOG: Autumn and winter trends 2021-2022

Time passes quickly, and you should focus on putting together your collection for the fall and winter season. It is very inspiring to see which trends and colours will come along next season. It can be nice to rely on what we already know, but at the same time, we want to be surprised and stimulated. This is precisely the feeling you will find in the new trends for autumn and winter 2021/2022. We would like to guide you using four major trends. We hope to inform and inspire you in the best possible way to put together your collection. Are you reading along?Read more

Get ready: shop now for Christmas 2021!

I’m Driving Home For Christmas & All I Want For Christmas Is You… You will be listening to these songs on your radio in just several weeks. So it’s time to prepare your shop for the most busy time of the year. During the holidays, it’s all about giving. Be sure your shop is totally Christmas-proof. In this blog, we will show you the most important Christmas trends. We will guide you by showing you a few important must-haves for this period of time. Read more


Flowers are starting to bloom and the sun is shining more and more: summer is just around the corner! Although the world is still dealing with the coronavirus, a time of warmth, cheerfulness and even a bit more freedom is coming. As summer approaches, we are less ‘cooped up' in our homes and we can enjoy the sunny temperatures. This feeling will be reflected in the summer trends. In this blog, we have compiled 10 must-have items for you that cannot be missed in your summer collection. Read along! Read more

Spring summer BLOG 2021: Your Story

More than ever before we are dependent on each other. We figure out what and who are the most important in our lives. A lot of people are experiencing these unique times as emotional and stressful. Nevertheless, many people also find room for creativity. Everyone has their own story, in which you create your style. A new collection can be based on these stories and styles. As well as for the retailer and the consumer. YOUR STORY-YOUR STYLE-YOUR COLLECTIONRead more

Valentine's Day inspiration

On the 14th of February, we celebrate the day of love. In these unusual times, this is ‘the’ moment to let family, friends and lovers know that you are thinking about them. We take you through the current trends, in order to update your collection for Valentine’s Day. Read more


The last months of the year are often the most stressful. For this reason we have put together simple gifts that are easy to make yourself and have a nice purchase price. Read along and we'll explain it all to you!Read more

How to prepare for Christmas 2020

Are you ready for Christmas 2020? Shopping in shops at this time of crisis is a bit different from what we are used to. That's why it's essential to pamper your customers. You can do this by ensuring that you have sufficient stock so that your customers don't lack anything.Read more

Working from home and using social media as sales channel

Do you have a physical store, but is it currently temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus? Even if you are working from home there are countless possibilities to make your customers happy with new items. In this blog you can read which products you can work with the next seasons and how you can sell your assortment by using social media! Read more

BLOG - Tips for a successful last quarter

Tips for a successful last quarter. The last quarter of the year is nearby; the last 3 months of the year 2020. You want to end the year with good sales and satisfied customers. How do you acquire new customers and achieve your targets? How do you make sure that your customers (continue to) buy from you? These are questions that every entrepreneur has to deal with every now and then. With this blog we provide you with some advice you can use to acquire new customers and keep your former customers. Read more

Blog: trends autumn/winter 2020-2021

The end of perhaps one of the strangest summers ever is near and it's time to prepare for a new season. Autumn, which already starts next month, is followed by winter and that's why we've listed the biggest jewellery trends for you below. Hopefully this way you will get the tools to buy the products you need for a perfect new collection.Read more

Sunglasses necklaces

Officially, it takes over a month before the summer starts... Fortunately, the sun already often shows itself and that means that everyone starts wearing their sunglasses again. And Beads Wholesale Online wouldn't be Beads Wholesale Online if we didn't have a super trendy accessory for to go with that...Read more

Trends spring/summer 2020

Are you curious about the trends in jewellery? And can you use some tips and inspiration to create a successful collection? Then read this blog with the trends for the spring and summer of 2020.Read more

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Less than 3 weeks until Christmas... It's time to do the last buying for your company and you could probably use some help with that. In this blog we give you last-minute gift tips that should not be missing in your shop in the last few weeks. The items are true trend items, super Christmassy and will help you present or package your items as attractively as possible. Read along with us!Read more

HOW TO: get your store ready for Christmas?

One of the most, or even the most, important selling moment of the year: the December month. With all of the holidays in the cosiest month of the year your customers will be on the look out for the perfect gifts, the perfect decorations for their house and the perfect outfit and accessories. It’s from the upmost importance to be well prepared, so you can amaze your customers! Please read along and find out how we think you can prepare yourself for this time of the year… Read more

Polaris steel

This collection makes our heart skip a beat. This jewellery is very posh because of the details in the settings! It won’t take too much of your time, since making this jewellery will cost you less than a minute. The only thing you have to do is glue a Polaris Elements Cabochon or Swarovski flatback into the setting. To display your bracelets in your shop you can use our new jewellery cushions! Read more


A NEW SEASON IS UPON US… Whenever the end of summer is slowly approaching, there’s starting to grow a familiar curious feeling: which amazing trends will the upcoming fall and winter bring us? I have collected the most important new trends for you and I’m about to present them to you through these helpful 6 points. Read more

How do I take care of my jewellery?

Once you’re familiar with jewellery making and selling than you know, better than anyone, that the material you’re selling asks for certain maintenance activities so your products don’t fade, stay in shape, etc. In this blog we are going to hand out 10 helpful tips, how to properly take care of your jewellery, so they stay beautiful as long as possible. Read along… Read more

The best addition to your collection: Mix & Match necklaces

Creating and collecting a refreshing new collection that your customers will love can be very challenging. This is where we come to the rescue with our new collection Mix & Match necklaces. This stainless steel collection offers tons of different combinations that can be adjusted per customer. There’s something for everyone in this collection! Layered necklaces are indispensable in any jewellery collection right now, so this collection will fit right in!Read more

Holiday essentials ✈☼

That’s a question every jewellery-lover asks them self whenever they’re going on holiday. I can already tell you: I will tell you the answer to that question in this blog! Besides this pressing question you’ll find information about how to take care of your jewellery when you’re going on a tropical holiday, you’ll read hints on which DIY-projects are convenient and fun to pack for DIY-ING on your holiday (without having to bring too much stuff…) and at last I will finish this blog with A TEST! Don’t worry, you can’t fail!Read more

Spring- and summer trends 2019

The Holidays are just yet behind us, but we are already totally ready for spring and of course the subsequent summer! This means that we’re going to dive into the new trends for the upcoming spring and summer of 2019… This way you can buy the right things for your store, without doing all the preparatory work. Next to this, you can form an idea of which articles we will be offering the next few months more or less. All very exciting things; so do read along… Read more

The Cuoio blog

What is Cuoio? Cuoio is a series of products developed by Beads Wholesale Online. The keychains and bracelets consists of genuine European Designer Quality (DQ) leather. This first class Florentine leather comes from Italy. All products out of the Cuoio series are very easy to wear and simple to decorate. Read along... Read more


Take the test: Are you a real Christmas freak?Read more

Workshop jewellery making

An ideal and most of all fun way to generate more turnover for your shop is to organize workshops! You most likely have all of these amazing products lying in your store, where you can talk passionately about for hours. Use your unique knowledge to get other people going, learn them something new or to give them some unique background information about your products. Before you instantly start planning in these workshops it’s important to be informed about the following… The step-by-step plan for the perfect jewellery workshop: Read more

5 tips to increase your revenue with a successful autumn/winter collection

Slowly but steady our bare legs and arms are replaced by long jeans and fine knitwear. It will only take a few weeks until we all will be wearing our woollen sweaters. You’re probably spending time on collecting the perfect autumn/winter collection. But how do you make sure to fill your collection with the right things? We’ll give you 5 tips to increase your revenue with a successful autumn/winter collection. Read more

DON’T MISS OUT!! Trend-update A/W 2018-2019

We get so much energy and inspiration from the upcoming autumn. Do you know this feeling? The cold brings brightness, new ideas and… LOTS OF NEW JEWELLERY! In this blog you will read about the trends for this autumn and we’ll share some ideas on how to integrate these trends into your jewellery. Read more

5 reasons to choose for Griffin

Recently Beads Wholesale Online added Griffin stringing materials to the collection! This brand is known for the premium quality of their products. We’re giving you 5 reasons why Griffin is the perfect stringing material for you!Read more

The summer favourites from our graphic and marketing team!

We would like to introduce you to our graphic design and marketing team. They will share their favourite summer items from our collection. Hopefully you will get inspired by their favourites and discover new ideas for your own collection…Read more

Improve your sales with these tips for Father’s Day

Surprising your dad on Father’s Day with a handmade gift is great idea! But it might just be more difficult than it seems. Your customers also have to come up with new gift ideas every year. Make it easy for them and summit the most fun ideas to them. We’ve selected a few products to add to your collection to make their Father’s Day successful. Be prepared!Read more

Valentines Day gift ideas!

2018’s first month is almost over, which means Valentine’s Day is coming soon. The day you can make your lover, friend or family feel extra loved. We’ve sorted out some idea’s to surprise your loved ones: Read more

Blog trends spring/summer 2018

After Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I must say, that I’m totally done with winter. Do you feel me? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the holidays, but I just can’t wait for spring to begin! The weather still might be winter, but spring is coming. Which means that you could prepare your jewellery collection for the new season! But what are the fashion trends for upcoming spring and summer? I will tell you my findings in this blog! I hope you’ll enjoy reading… Read more

Make personalised jewellery and accessories with ImpressArt

With the products of ImpressArt you can make the most beautiful personal jewellery and accessories. ImpressArt is the world’s leader in metal stamping and offers cutting edge metal stamping tools. These tools will make it easy for professionals as well as enthusiastic hobbyists to make the most beautiful jewellery and accessories. We share tips and tricks in this blog and we hope to inspire you to make cute personalised jewellery.Read more

10 Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked question at Beads wholesale online. Is your question already been answered? Take a look at our top 10 frequently asked questions.Read more

Storage tips!

In this blog we’ll give you some tips to make sure you can enjoy your jewellery for a long time. We all know that after a while your jewellery can lose or change its colour. Let me be clear: If your jewellery contains real gold and diamonds than you won’t have this problem. But if your jewellery collection contains metal than you might have to deal with these problems one day. Of course you can delay these problems as colour fading and colour changing with our storage tips! Read more

Photo jewellery

Looking for a perfect gift? How about photo jewellery? This personal jewellery might be the perfect choice for your loved ones. Or create your own design to make a unique piece of jewellery. A nice accessory with a personal picture or photo, that sounds amazing, but it’s not always that easy to accomplice with Polaris elements transparent cabochons.Read more