Valentines Day gift ideas!

2018’s first month is almost over, which means Valentine’s Day is coming soon. The day you can make your lover, friend or family feel extra loved. We’ve sorted out some idea’s to surprise your loved ones: Read more

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Blog trends spring/summer 2018

After Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I must say, that I’m totally done with winter. Do you feel me? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the holidays, but I just can’t wait for spring to begin! The weather still might be winter, but spring is coming. Which means that you could prepare your jewellery collection for the new season! But what are the fashion trends for upcoming spring and summer? I will tell you my findings in this blog! I hope you’ll enjoy reading… Read more

Make personalised jewellery and accessories with ImpressArt

With the products of ImpressArt you can make the most beautiful personal jewellery and accessories. ImpressArt is the world’s leader in metal stamping and offers cutting edge metal stamping tools. These tools will make it easy for professionals as well as enthusiastic hobbyists to make the most beautiful jewellery and accessories. We share tips and tricks in this blog and we hope to inspire you to make cute personalised jewellery.Read more

10 Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked question at Beads wholesale online. Is your question already been answered? Take a look at our top 10 frequently asked questions.Read more

Storage tips!

In this blog we’ll give you some tips to make sure you can enjoy your jewellery for a long time. We all know that after a while your jewellery can lose or change its colour. Let me be clear: If your jewellery contains real gold and diamonds than you won’t have this problem. But if your jewellery collection contains metal than you might have to deal with these problems one day. Of course you can delay these problems as colour fading and colour changing with our storage tips! Read more

Photo jewellery

Looking for a perfect gift? How about photo jewellery? This personal jewellery might be the perfect choice for your loved ones. Or create your own design to make a unique piece of jewellery. A nice accessory with a personal picture or photo, that sounds amazing, but it’s not always that easy to accomplice with Polaris elements transparent cabochons.Read more