Which items are true go-to jewellery items and accessories whenever you’re going on a holiday to a tropical destination?


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Which items are true go-to jewellery items and accessories whenever you’re going on a holiday to a tropical destination?

Zomer special items

That’s a question every jewellery-lover asks them self whenever they’re going on holiday. I can already tell you: I will tell you the answer to that question in this blog! Besides this pressing question you’ll find information about how to take care of your jewellery when you’re going on a tropical holiday, you’ll read hints on which DIY-projects are convenient and fun to pack for DIY-ING on your holiday (without having to bring too much stuff…) and at last I will finish this blog with A TEST! Don’t worry, you can’t fail!


The essentials

Whenever you’re on holiday you probably dress just a little bit differently than you usually do. You’ll naturally want to wear your most beautiful jewellery and most likely you’ll like to wear just a little more colour then you usually do. Use this information when you are about to do your buying activities for the summer period. Below I have collected some perfect go-to jewellery items which are always good on vacation:

Enkelbandjes voor de zomer!

When the sun is shining you can show off your ankles again and this means only one thing: anklets! Create the most amazing anklets by using for example belcher chain or macramé bead cord and decorate them with colourful pompom charms or tropical tassels. Cocos beads, wooden beads or freshwater pearls are also amazing to use when you’re making anklets. These materials are not only really trendy, but also a natural product and because of that their colour won’t fade easily. Thread the beads onto elastic bead cord and your anklet is quickly made! Whenever you’re choosing to create anklets out of belcher chain, do not forget to finish off with a lobster clasp. At last we also have amazing ready-made stainless steel anklets. These anklets are already finished and therefore perfect to add to your store. Don’t you like jewellery making? Be sure to buy the called above products so your creative customers can create these anklets themselves.

Trendy oorbellen

Create amazing statement earrings to celebrate the summer! They’re a real trend item this summer, so what are you waiting for? Use our fantastic braided rattan pendants for example, which have a real summery feel. Or choose our resin pendants in baroque style. Super easily made, but with an amazing effect. At last it’s also very cool to use our new shell beads for creating statement earrings. Be sure you have the right earring findings in stock so you can create these eye-catchers. Just like the anklets you can also shop ready-made earrings, like these amazing ginkgo leave earrings! -->

Sunny days! DIY zonnebrillenkoorden

Create trendy sunglasses cords by using our useful glasses cord ends and attach them to both ends of, for example, belcher chain so your sunglasses can get in the middle. The sunglasses cord can then be decorated in all sorts of ways. Go for example for a real beach-themed sunglasses cord and attach all sorts of shell beads and cowrie shells. Or choose to create a real botanical theme and attach DQ European metal charms, like leaves to the sunglasses cord and maybe add some colourful pompom charms. A true go-to article when going on vacation. Maybe it’s even cool to organize a make-your-own-sunglasses-cord-workshop! Because you can vary endlessly when making this summer must-have your customers have plenty of options!

Holiday essentials ✈☼ afbeelding

How to take care of your jewellery on holiday?


Whenever you’re going on holiday your jewellery will probably come across some “extreme” circumstances. Thinking of, for example, going in- and out of the water a lot of times and when you’re wearing your jewellery often and intensely it cannot be avoided; it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing elastic jewellery, 925 Silver or metal jewellery, your jewellery can always get damaged or become less beautiful.


Below you will read some hints how to protect your jewellery whenever you’re on holiday:

Holiday essentials ✈☼ afbeelding

These tips can be useful when you want to go buy a specific collection for your store, like for example a holiday collection for a sunny environment. You can, for example, choose for elastic stringing material, because of the amazing comfort. There’s nothing easier than putting on a few elastic bracelets on your wrist or wearing a super trendy scrunchie in your hair.


Keep the different qualities that products can have in mind, whenever you’re buying your collections! This can also be very useful whenever you’re advising your customers. You can also find some interesting information in our different product groups on the website on the different materials, their maintenance and how to clean them. For extra information on this subject you can always get in touch with our customer service or through social media.

Macramé draad

What you need to pack for a holiday


Whenever you’re on holiday, being an entrepreneur, you finally have some time to relax. And how can you start your holiday better than with a brand new DIY-project? But which materials do you take with you when you want to get creative on vacation… You certainly will not want to bring all of your jewellery storage boxes: choices have to be made! Of course this has everything to do with the duration of your holiday, how much time you will want to spend DIY-ing et cetera, but whatever you may choose, choose a project where you can take your time and you’re not finished within 5 minutes. Otherwise you will still have to bring all your materials.


We really like to bring coloured macramé bead cord to get started with a new special technique. Choose one or two pretty colours macramé bead cord to take with you and create amazing bracelet(s). For yourself, or of course to put in your store once you’re back at home. Be sure to bring a few cute charms with you so you can possibly decorate your macramé bracelet. Below you can find a small list ‘what to bring’ when you want to make the macramé bracelets on holiday.


At last: the test


Which theme fits you best? Are you a true plant-lover and do you fit right in the botanic trend? Or are you a true animal lover and do you adore everything that has to do with animals? Or are you a real beach babe and fits the beach vibe you like a glove? You will find out when you take the test. Answer the 3 questions and find out!


Hopefully you’ve had something of our hints whether it’s for your own vacation, or so you can help find your customers the right items for their holiday. The best of luck!


And we’ll see you next time.




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