Get ready to enjoy the sun with us

Summer specials


Get ready to enjoy the sun with us

Flowers are starting to bloom and the sun is shining more and more: summer is just around the corner! Although the world is still dealing with the coronavirus, a time of warmth, cheerfulness and even a bit more freedom is coming. As summer approaches, we are less ‘cooped up' in our homes and we can enjoy the sunny temperatures. This feeling will be reflected in the summer trends. 


In this blog, we have compiled 10 must-have items for you that cannot be missed in your summer collection. Read along!



Jewellery trends 2021

Colour trends summer 2021

What can we expect from summer 2021? Think about colourful jewellery, natural materials, statement items, bohemian jewellery and all kinds of different shapes and materials. Below we are going to highlight 10 summer items that will be super trendy this summer. 

Smiley beads and charms

Smiley beads and charms fit the current zeitgeist perfectly. Who is not in for some more positivity? These cheerful items can be combined with any other jewellery finding. We like to incorporate smiley items in colourful jewellery, the smiley charm is also great in a classic jewellery piece. Think about a stainless steel bracelet with a metal stainless steel smiley. 


Flowers are great summer items and, therefore, very trendy when making jewellery. Think with this trend about the ‘cottage core style’, in which you can find lots of colours and flowers. Millefiori glass beads are, for example, fantastic to use for this trend. Make playful jewellery, or choose a statement necklace with a dried flower charm. For this trend, watch our DIY video explaining how to make your own flower bracelet from macramé.

Acrylic chain

When you would like to make a statement necklace, think about acrylic chains. This super trendy material is available in many different colours and sizes. A stylish item that you can incorporate in various jewellery pieces and accessories.


With summery temperatures, we think about a wonderful long beach day. It’s then, of course, super fun to wear an anklet or other piece of jewellery with our well-known shell beads. These shell beads and charms are available in various shapes and sizes and are a must-have for the summer. Shapes like shells and starfishes are seen a lot at major fashion houses.        


Bohemian style

The ‘bohemian beach style’ is also an important trend this summer. Freshwater pearls are used a lot in jewellery pieces representing this style. These items are perfect to incorporate in earrings, bracelets and necklaces and have a luxurious appearance.  


Colours, colours and more colours! That is what you certainly get with the rainbow charms and connectors. This summer, we all need a little bit more colour and cheerfulness, and therefore, these items are perfect for the upcoming season. The ‘wanderlust style’ aligns perfectly and shows that these items can be used in a playful way.  



Meaningful jewellery is a big trend this summer. Everyone is familiar with the famous yin & yang sign. This sign will be seen a lot in jewellery this summer. The symbol represents contradictions and complements, a meaningful jewellery piece to wear.  In addition, we have an assortment of evil eye beads and charms and our Birth Flower collection. Use these beads and charms when making a bracelet or a necklace and do not forget to tell this special meaning to your customers.  


When the sun is shining on a jewellery piece with zirconia items, you will see a beautiful shimmery. These items are, therefore, perfect for making jewellery this summer. We have ready-made zirconia items andcharms that can be used as an earring, bracelet or necklace. A unique item that we sell are the zirconia brass elements, which you can glue onto a jewellery finding, just like the zirconia flatbacks. Glue these items, for example, on a freshwater pearl or a pearl shine shell bead or charm.       

BRAND NEW: Ocean bamboo beads

Ocean bamboo, are beautiful ‘coral’-coloured beads that give your jewellery pieces a beachy look and, therefore, perfect for the summer. Take a look at our large assortment and use colourful beads to create surprising jewellery due to their unique shape. 

Katsuki beads

Not only the ‘standard’ round beads will be seen a lot, but also various shapes such as disc-shaped beads. Think about shell bead discs, Polaris Elements disc beads, Greek DQ ceramics and our colourful Katsuki disc beads


In short, this summer we will see a lot of colours, more positivity, humour and beautiful materials. Apply these trends to your assortment for an ultimate summer 2021 collection!




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