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Would you like to start creating jewellery? To assemble your jewellery collection yourself according to your wishes, you could use some knowledge about the basic techniques. We would like to guide you step by step using DIY videos to explain to you how to do so. We will use different materials. This way we want to inspire you to get creative yourself and to realise the most beautiful creations with a solid base. You will see: you will make your own jewellery in no time.

how to make a pointy end on your macramé bead cord?
this is the way to glide a slider on leather
an easy way to string beads onto a macramé bead cord
Stringing Material
how to create a charm out of a bead
how to use a bead stopper?
this is the way to make a knot in your elastic cord
how to use crimp beads and crimp bead covers?
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