Workshop jewellery making afbeelding

An ideal and most of all fun way to generate more turnover for your shop is to organize workshops! You most likely have all of these amazing products lying in your store, where you can talk passionately about for hours. Use your unique knowledge to get other people going, learn them something new or to give them some unique background information about your products. Before you instantly start planning in these workshops it’s important to be informed about the following…

Workshop jewellery making afbeelding

The step-by-step plan for the perfect jewellery workshop:

STEP 1. Good preparation is half the work #TRUESTORY

Alright. You have decided: you are going to host workshops! Naturally you have got to have a comfortable space available and promote your workshop(s) the right way. Besides that, you’ll have to decide a good price for your students and you will need someone to actually host the workshop.

Today’s blog is about the different workshops you can organize:


a.ImpressArt: Working with ImpressArt has been mentioned before in a blog (--> see our Father’s day blog). This is of course very much fun, because you can personalise your jewellery fantastically with ImpressArt! To work with ImpressArt will take some getting used to, which is important to keep in mind as workshop guide. The first few times most people will probably fail, but after a couple of times everybody should be able to make it work! Be sure to bring enough stamping blanks to the table so everybody has enough training material for getting used to the technique. Also be sure to tape your metal thoroughly before you use the hammer for a minimal ‘waste’. You can choose to purchase different symbols for the workshop and multiple fonts, so quotes or words can be made. In short: ImpressArt offers a lot of different possibilities and it’s ideal for a workshop! The luxurious look of the metal (or leather of course) will give your students an appealing and fancy looking result.

Workshop jewellery making afbeelding

b.Cuoio: Our Cuoio series also are perfect to use as workshop subject. Just as ImpressArt, Cuoio also has a luxurious appearance. That’s because of the excellent quality genuine leather. A Cuoio bracelet or keychain is easy to make and it doesn’t take a lot of work. It does however have a stunning result. Collect the most beautiful sliders, settings and the most incredible cabochons, so your students have plenty options. And of course it’s also possible to personalise with ImpressArt. This is really cool to do with Cuoio keychains for instance!

Workshop jewellery making afbeelding

c. Beaded bracelets: A third fun option is to just let the students thread cute beads. Let them create a bracelet or necklace out of a big range of beads. Make sure you’ve got different colours and sizes of beads and let everyone make their own combinations. Choose to set out some charms as well, so their creations will get more exciting. Tell your students during beading about the trends of the upcoming season and the collections at your store.

Workshop jewellery making afbeelding

STEP 2. Go for quality  #QUALITYISKEY

A hint for buying the materials for your workshops is to choose high quality jewellery findings like stainless steel and DQ European metal. So your students won’t get trouble with discoloration of their handmade ornament. The price of these findings will be a little bit higher of course, but the quality will be worth it. It would be a waste if your students would get discoloration symptoms within the first month. If you choose for high quality material, this will work like a business card for your store.

Workshop jewellery making afbeelding

STEP 3. Know your backgrounds #KNOWLEDGEISPOWER

You are the expert, so tell fun background information about your products. Tell them for example about your collection real leaf pendants. Your students will get enthused about your products and will also be able to estimate the worth of a special product better. With resin pendants  for example it’s fun to tell that they’re made of synthetic resin. Or explain that natural coconut beads are made out of real coconuts and that real leaf charms are made out of real leaves. Information like that will make the students creations more valuable to them. And who knows, maybe they will get some extra for their own collection!

Workshop jewellery making afbeelding

STEP 4. Let there be plenty of everything #MOREISBETTER

Be sure that you’ve got enough material available for everyone. This way nobody has to wait for their turn. Make sure there are enough tools: multiple pliers, jewellery making glue, etcetera. This way you also keep up the tempo, so everybody stays involved with the DIY-ing. Also really important: try to maintain a good overview of the products by using storage boxes with compartments. For this reason the students will be able to see at one glance where they’re supposed to be for which item. And also not insignificant: arrange delicious snacks during the workshop, like our famous Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars.

Workshop jewellery making afbeelding

STEP 5. Gifts are the best #NEVERFORGET

Finally: make them remember you and their (positive!) experience. Take care of a fun gift for the students at the end of your workshop. This doesn’t need to be something too valuable. It’s just so your students have got a fun reminder of their experience with you. Think of a jewellery item made by you or choose to give them a cool card (like our beautiful designed jewellery cards!) or something everybody loves: a Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar. If you haven’t already given these during the workshop of course… And be sure that all of the students can take home their homemade creations in a beautiful jewellery organza bag.


Good luck with the organisation of your own workshop! Hopefully you’ve learned something from our 5-step workshop plan! Until next time!

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