The summer favourites from our graphic and marketing team! afbeelding

We would like to introduce you to our graphic design and marketing team. They will share their favourite summer items from our collection. Hopefully you will get inspired by their favourites and discover new ideas for your own collection…

Hangers en tussenstukken bohemian

Bohemian charms and connectors are my ultimate summer favourite! I love them because of their cheerful colours and shapes. The unicorn connector is my number one favourite but the pineapple, flamingo and anchors are nice to combine in summer jewellery as well. You can create a stunning bracelet by combining these bohemian charms and connectors with beads. Or create a pair of earrings with these bohemian charms.

Polaris Cuoio armbanden

I’m a big fan of Cuoio bracelets. As soon as the new collection Polaris Elements cabochons arrived I knew they would be mine! The anchor engraving gives the cabochons a summery look, but the stone look Polaris Elements cabochons are my ultimate favourite. I like to combine the cabochons with a beautiful leather Cuoio bracelet.  If you are checking out our newest cabochons collection, do not hesitate to take a look at our animal print Cuoio bracelets. They match perfectly with our leather cabochons in the same animal print. They are made of genuine Designer Quality European leather, which will ensure that you can enjoy your bracelet for a long time!

Houten cabochon 12 en 20 mm

These wooden cabochons are my ultimate favourite! I love to use natural materials and these cabochons definitely have it! I like it when my accessories stand out and have something funny. Try combining them with macramé bead cord for instance. I like to work with macramé cord and because of the satin material of the cord it matches the wooden cabochons very well. You could also fit in some natural stone beads or wooden beads, which creates a nice effect. Process the wooden cabochons into a setting for earrings to make lovely earrings. Finish the earrings with DQ European metal charms for an unique touch!

Letterkralen / alfabet

I always like to work with text in my jewellery designs. I mostly use ImpressArt for making  beautiful personalised bracelets. Last month I have made a tag for my dog. But for my ultimate summer favourite I’ll choose letter beads. I like to combine them with coloured elastic cord and DQ European metal findings. Use elastic cord in bright colours, that way it’s easy to create a summery look with these cheerful beads! For me that’s the perfect summer jewellery for a hot day at the beach.

Lava natuursteen kralen

I like to wear jewellery with a sturdy and natural look. That’s why I chose lava natural stone beads as my ultimate summer favourite. I like to combine the lava beads with wooden and acrylic beads for a stunning and sturdy looking bracelet. These lava stone beads are also nice to combine with leather. It gives your jewellery a luxurious look.


I wear completely different jewellery in the summer compared to the winter. In the summer I prefer all kinds of colours and I choose materials I can swim with. This is the reason why I choose the mini tassels as my summer favourite, combined with coloured elastic cord. These fabrics are available in so many beautiful bright colours, they are just perfect for summer! The tassels give the jewellery designs a bohemian touch as well, which I like.

Elastisch lint Ibiza

My favourite fabric to work with this summer is Designer Quality stitched elastic ribbon Ibiza. I like to wear it as a bracelet, but you can also create nice matching hair ties with it. You can add Swarovski flatbacks and Polaris 7 mm cabochons to the elastic ribbon to give it some extra glam! 

Roestvrij stalen (RVS) Stainless steel sieraden

I love the minimalistic jewellery trend! That’s why I love to wear minimalistic bracelets. I like to wear a complete arm-candy by mixing  different designs together. You’ll find ready-made bracelets of stainless steel in our collection, but I personally prefer to make them myself. I combine different stainless steel belcher chains with each other for a cool effect. The best benefit of stainless steel is that you can enjoy your jewellery for a long time. The colour does not fade and it is allergy proof.

The summer favourites from our graphic and marketing team! afbeelding

These were the favourites from our marketing and graphic design team. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. Hopefully you’ve got some more inspiration or new ideas for your summer purchases.

The summer favourites from our graphic and marketing team! afbeelding
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