6 fall/winter tips you can’t miss out on



Whenever the end of summer is slowly approaching, there’s starting to grow a familiar curious feeling: which amazing trends will the upcoming fall and winter bring us? I have collected the most important new trends for you and I’m about to present them to you through these helpful 6 points:


- Pearls are always a good idea –

We have spotted the freshwater pearls earlier this year already as a true fashion trend. Freshwater pearls always have been a true classic; that never goes out of style, but coming fall and winter the pearls will be a big trend item. Freshwater pearls are a natural product and are already gifted with a super posh look which makes these stunners perfectly fit for any occasion and of course the upcoming Holiday’s. That’s why this is the moment you’ll have to go and create amazing jewellery with these must-have pearls. Combine the freshwater pearls for example with DQ European metal findings, charms and beads so your ornament gets even more posh!



- Dream big -

Your jewellery can be BIG this autumn and winter! Get crazy and wear big creole earrings in your ears with additionally a groovy charm. Next to the fact that your biggest creoles are officially back in style, also big tassels will run the fashion world the upcoming seasons. Create big earrings with beautiful wintery coloured tassels. The same rule applies: DREAM BIG! You can of course use our amazing tassels, of which we will launch a new collection real soon, you can also create tassels yourself. Thread different strings with Miyuki beads and attach all of the strings together to make tassel earrings yourself.


- The perfect mismatch –

Whenever you’re wearing earrings you are likely to wear the same earrings on both ears. A trend that we’ve spotted is however to wear different earrings in both ears. You can for example use the same materials, but create a different lengths for instance. You can also choose to go wild and do something completely different for both ears. Small tip: maybe you could use the same earring findings, so you’re using the same base. Beside that you can create a wonderful mismatch by wearing different earrings, you can also vary with different necklaces. You can create this very easily by combining different kinds of belcher chain in different sizes. Are you a colourful person? Go and create different beaded necklaces with for example Katsuki beads, DQ European metal beads or natural stone beads. Next up, combine the different necklaces you’ve created with one another and you get a uniqueand trendy effect. Try out this trend and you will be stunned!

Trendsieraden 2019

- Less bitter, more glitter -

During special occasions and Holiday’s people often wear shiny and striking jewellery. This is still very appropriate, but these shiny and glittering ornaments are being seen more often on the streets as well. Think about the mega trend of the rhinestones. You can create fantastic necklaces, bracelets ánd earrings with which you will steal the show, no doubt about that. This luxurious material is perfect to spice up any outfit!

NIEUW: Strass chain op rol!

- Sets are back -

You can totally indulge yourself this fall and winter by creating entire sets of jewellery. Think about creating beautiful earrings, for example, with stunning crystal glass items. Pair them with a pretty, striking necklace with crystal glass ánd stylish bracelets with the most amazing charms of crystal glass. It’s the perfect match!

Polaris steel

- Chains, chains, chains and some more chains -

We’ve mentioned it before in this blog, but belcher chain is going to be really popular the upcoming autumn and winter in jewellery and accessories. In all forms and shapes and preferably combined in different sizes. Use belcher chain to create cool and trendy linked chain bracelets, layered necklaces and sturdy earrings. This chunky, cool material can also be really subtle when you’re working with a very small size belcher chain. Use this to create, for example, beautiful minimalist necklaces. Subsequently you can attach beautiful settings to the necklaces which can be decorated with trendy cabochons. There’s a very exciting collection of super trendy new settings with an eye coming up, so you can go create the most amazing necklaces.

Next to all of the -very exciting- jewellery trends, we see that the belts made of belcher chain, which we already spotted this summer, are getting even more popular! Use when you are making such a belt belcher chain with a few charms, or choose to create a shiny ensemble by using our rhinestones; extra cool for the Holiday’s.

Jasseron / schakelketting

Good luck purchasing for the upcoming seasons and hopefully we were able to help you out a little bit, by highlighting the most important jewellery and accessory trends.


See you next time XOXO

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