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Surprising your dad on Father’s Day with a handmade gift is great idea! But it might just be more difficult than it seems. Your customers also have to come up with new gift ideas every year. Make it easy for them and summit the most fun ideas to them. We’ve selected a few products to add to your collection to make their Father’s Day successful. Be prepared!

Make sure your stock is well filled, so your customers don’t run out of options. Beads that work well in men’s jewellery are natural stone beads, natural coconut beads, lava natural stone beads and wooden beads. These beads have a robust and tough look, which make them perfect for men! Thread nice bracelets with these beads. Keep it simple, because these beads are already beautiful on their own. An idea to improve your sales is to combine those beads with DQ European leather or a ready-made Cuoio bracelet. This great quality genuine leather matches the natural beads extremely well.

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Improve your sales with these tips for Father’s Day

Our metal look letter beads are perfect when you want to incorporate a name or message into your bracelet. The metal look gives the beads a sturdy look, which makes them perfect for dads! You can easily thread a bracelet on coloured elastic cord in a natural colour. Make a knot on both sides of the bead so it does not slide. Finish off the bracelet with a macramé clasp. (Check out our DIY video here) You can also attach letter beads to a Designer Quality leather bracelet. Use two sliders with one eye and attach an eyepin with the letter beads onto it.

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Cuoio bracelets can’t be missing in this list. These genuine leather bracelets are made of European Designer Quality, which make them very stylish. We offer special Cuoio for men bracelets, which are larger, especially for men’s wrists. So make sure to add those to your shopping cart, instead of the regular Cuoio bracelets.

A nice addition to those bracelets are cabochons into a Cuoio setting slider. Use our DQ European leather cabochons for example. They come in various nice natural colours and reliefs. We also offer Designer Quality metal cabochons, which you can personalise with ImpressArt. Add a special message and success is guaranteed!

DQ leer cabochons

Now that you’ve done your shopping, it is time to display your products the right way. Do you own an (online) store? Check out our tips for presenting your products:


Improve your sales with these tips for Father’s Day

#1. Make sure no one has to search for Father’s Day items. Present them in the A-zone of your store, meaning the absolute front. Do you own an online shop? Make sure to show Father’s Day gift ideas on your homepage, so your customers get reminded!

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Sieraad display

#2. Display your products well, so they enhance the look of your jewellery and accessories. Make sure your displays look intact. By using new display material regularly, you make sure your customers always get triggered by new things. That way, that gorgeous bracelet might get their attention this time, where they haven’t even noticed it last time! Our new collection displays is available in natural colours, which make your jewellery and accessories pop out! We offer displays for bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and sunglasses. But we also offer nice small displays with compartments for beads, cabochons or jewellery findings like clasps.

Sieraad display

#3. Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars can’t be missed in your Father’s Day presentation. You can order these delicious chocolate bars at Beads Wholesale Online. They make a very cute gift combined with a bracelet, jewellery card and an organza bag. Is also attracts hungry daughters to your store, looking for a Father’s Day gift


#4. A lot of people think too late about wrapping their gift. While it can be so much fun and a real addition to gift! You can show your customers nice packing ideas by displaying them on the counter. Make a nice example with for instance a wishing bottle with a nice subtle bracelet into it. Check the DIY video here >

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#5. Do you sell ImpressArt in your shop? (Not yet? Check out these items>) Organise a day or a part of the day on which you personalise jewellery and accessories for a nice price. You can even create a special event with balloons, music and snacks! Your customers will discover the possibilities of ImpressArt, your straps and labels will be sold very well and you can even attract new customers! Purchase some extra Father’s Day figure stamps to be prepared for this day, like musical instruments, a football, sailboat, anchor, handmade stamp, pawprint, bone or antler. We offer a lot more stamps, but hopefully these will bring you some inspiration to get started.

ImpressArt figuur stempels

Hopefully these tips are useful for you. We wish you the best of luck and success!

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