Enjoy your jewellery for a longer period.

Storage tips! afbeelding

In this blog we’ll give you some tips to make sure you can enjoy your jewellery for a long time. We all know that after a while your jewellery can lose or change its colour.
Let me be clear: If your jewellery contains real gold and diamonds than you won’t have this problem. But if your jewellery collection contains metal than you might have to deal with these problems one day. Of course you can delay these problems as colour fading and colour changing with our storage tips!

We’ve put our tips below in the list, please take a look.

Storage tips!

1. Never storage your jewellery in a humid room. Such as the bathroom.

2. Do you use perfume, body lotion or hand creme? Be careful with using them and wait at least 10 minutes before you put on your jewellery.

3. Washing your hands, swimming, showering, sporting and going to the sauna, are unfortunately bad for your jewellery. Heat and moist are enemies for the materials of your jewellery. It can ensure that the glue get loose and it can ensure that the metal parts change in colour or oxidize. And that is something you don’t want!

4. It’s better to not wear jewellery while you’re sleeping. Otherwise it might happen that your blood vessels will be pinched off. Which is definitely not healthy and besides that your jewellery will last longer by putting them off.

5. Storage your jewellery on a fixed place. For example in a storage box with compartments. Never throw all your jewellery together in one big box! Keep the different materials separate.

6. You can polish our DQ metal with a silver polish cloth. This way you’ll remove dirt and grease and other dust which perhaps damages the metal.

7. Never put your jewellery in the sun. If you’re about to take a sunbath, put off your jewellery.

8. Use a rack for necklaces. This avoid that your necklaces will be intertwined with each other.

I hope these tips will work out for you!

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