10 helpful tips, how to properly take care of your jewellery


10 helpful tips, how to properly take care of your jewellery


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The tips named above are of course very helpful for yourself, but they can also help you keep your jewellery and findings for selling in great condition as well. Thereby it also creates a great way to get in touch with your customers. Do you own a physical shop? Use these helpful tips as a lead to start talking with your customers. Go and share your maintenance activities and show your customers that whatever you’re selling has a certain quality and that you believe in your product.

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Next to this you also raise trust with your customers, because you hand them the tools, how to enjoy their purchase as long as possible. Even if your customers won’t live by your tips, they will surely appreciate your tips and product knowledge. Maybe you will even sell more expensive products by sharing this information with your customers, because your customers may not even know about the quality of the cheaper metals, which can colour fade faster, so they might choose another more expensive option like Designer Quality European metal, stainless steel or 925 silver. Share your knowledge with your customers!


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