“The best way to predict the future is to to create it.”


Do you have a physical store, but is it currently temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus? Even if you are working from home there are countless possibilities to make your customers happy with new items. In this blog you can read which products you can work with the next seasons and how you can sell your assortment by using social media!


How to design and sell a new collection from home

Working from home, for some it's new and for others it's their daily work location. But what can you do when you work from home? Well you can do a lot! Firstly you can try out new techniques, design new jewellery, make photos of your jewellery or write nice texts for new products. In this blog you can read all about it!

Working from home and using social media as sales channel afbeelding

Social media as your new sales channel
At the moment you may have a physical store or webshop where customers can buy your products. But did you know that there is another online store that is easy to use for everyone? You can also start selling your products on Instagram or Facebook! 


Start by taking clear product photos and some photos of the products in a nice atmosphere. Good photos are very important on social media, because they make sure that a customer clicks, scrolls or stops and keeps looking. Next to these photos you write a nice text with more information and the price of the product. Also mention that what they see on the photo can be ordered! Let your customers send you the order via a 'DM (Direct Message)' or private message with their details. This way you can easily process the order and help the customer with any questions. 


To give your sales on Instagram or Facebook an extra boost, you can also promote these messages. By promoting a message you increase the reach and you can indicate on which target group you want the promotion to focus. This way you can be sure that your product will be shown to the right potential customers.


Trying out new techniques

With a new collection it's great fun to present something completely new to your customers. The perfect moment to discover new techniques. 


Macramé bead cord

For example, get to work with macramé bead cord. With this thread you can try out an endless number of different stitches and create new items over and over again. For example, try the 'half hitch' stitch and create a trendy bracelet or anklet.  >> https://www.beads-wholesale-online.com/inspiration/videos/video:handmade-jewellery-half-hitch-macrame-bracelet--diy.htm


New jewellery designs

When you start designing new jewellery, it's smart to start with thinking about what products you want to work with. The products below are the perfect items to work with for next season:

With these products you can easily make summery anklets, necklaces and bracelets full with beads, earrings and much more!


Miyuki beads

Designing new jewellery can be difficult, but with Miyuki beads this is a piece of cake! The Miyuki beads are available in various series, each has its own size and shape. The Miyuki delica's are the smallest beads and are perfect to make fine minimalist rings on elastic cord. The Miyuki seed beads and tila’s beads also make a great ensemble! We love to make stylish bracelets, rings and earrings with these beads. 


Acrylic letter beads

Another product that is very popular are acrylic letter beads. With these beads you can make nice summery bracelets with names or expressions like happy, smile, love or good vibes! With the acrylic letter beads you can easily make trendy jewellery with a personalised touch.


Good luck!

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