Christmas trends

The holidays are coming closer, so it's time to prepare your Christmas collection! In this blog, you can discover the various trends for a festive holiday season. The month of December is all about giving. Therefore, it is a good idea to wrap the jewellery bought by your customers in luxurious boxes or bags. Finish it off by adding a beautiful jewellery card with holiday greetings.

Earring findings

Statement Earrings and Statement Pieces for a brilliant Christmas collection

Pearl necklaces for a trendy Christmas

Not only pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets are essential to complement a festive outfit, also Christmas earrings are indispensable this holiday! During the holiday season, nothing is over the top and that's a good thing because Statement Earrings are the number-one trend this winter! You can't have enough big, eye-catching Statement earrings made with resin charms, or Polaris steel earrings with cabochons in your collection. You can also use crochet charms to create Christmas earrings. Go for stainless steel earring components to which you attach these charms and your statement earrings are complete. Stainless steel jewellery is of good quality; it remains shiny and does not wear out while wearing it.

Trending colours this Christmas are gold, green, beige, amber and pink. All of these colours can be mixed and combined perfectly. Use stainless steel components and colourful beads to create unique jewellery. Other shiny items that you can use to create your collection are top faceted beads, crystal glass charms and spacers. 

Stainless steel jewellery

Pearl bracelet as part of your Christmas collection

When you think of Christmas jewellery, you automatically think of sparkling jewellery sets. Therefore, when you design necklaces, bracelets and rings that match the statement earrings, make sure to include glittering elements. Another great option to wear for the holidays is the all time favorite pearl necklace.

The various freshwater pearls from the collection also go beautifully with stainless steel components, examples include a pearl necklace or bracelet. Stainless steel items retains its beautiful colour and does not cause allergic reactions. Freshwater pearls can be incorporated into all kinds of jewellery – for example, a pearl necklace or pearl bracelet – as they are both classic and modern; a genuine must-have item. Choose from the ready-made jewellery in the collection to complete your jewellery sets.

Birth Flower

Meaningful jewellery

We said it before: personalised jewellery is a joy to give and receive! You don't need very much to create personalised jewellery, so let your creativity run wild. Opt for charms with a personal message such as the Birth Flower collection, charms with a star, a moon or a clover or, for example, letter beads. You can also go for bracelets or chokers made of ribbon with text on which you hang an initial charm with glittering zirconia stones. Easy to make and beautiful to wear!

Acrylic chain

Trendy phone cords

Besides jewellery, it is also important to include phone cords in your collection. Phone cords are increasingly being seen as an accessory because everyone wants to have their phone within reach all day. A genuine trend item that is on the rise and set to be high on many wish lists. So make sure you have a great range of these phone cords in your collection. You can very easily personalise your phone cords by using letter beads or charms with a message.


Jewellery display

Jewellery display and packaging materials

The time has come to make your shop Christmas-proof. Make sure you have sufficient jewellery displays on which to showcase your collection. Packaging material obviously needs to be festive at Christmas, but it should also have a luxurious look. You know that feeling when you receive a beautifully wrapped gift and you almost feel like it would be a shame to unwrap it? This feeling adds an extra dimension to the unwrapping process! To give Christmas gifts that extra personal touch, our in-house design team has developed exclusive jewellery cards and gift boxes that you can use this holiday season.

Christmas trends

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