Make your own photo jewellery with transparent cabochons.


Looking for a perfect gift? How about photo jewellery? This personal jewellery might be the perfect choice for your loved ones. Or create your own design to make a unique piece of jewellery. A nice accessory with a personal picture or photo, that sounds amazing, but it’s not always that easy to accomplice with Polaris elements transparent cabochons.

In our shop you’ll find different kinds of cabochons and settings which makes for endless possibilities. You can fashion a charm, a connector, a slider for a Cuoio bracelet or flat leather bracelet. Choose your favourite size and match the right DQ metal setting to create your Photo cabochon. You can select your setting in different colours of DQ metal. So, plenty of options are available.

For this jewellery we are going to cut out pictures and glue them, so many errors may occur. This is why I strongly advice you not to work with original pictures, this will completely ruin them, of course. So make sure you are working with copies. You can scan the photo you would like to use and print it out in the right size for the cabochon. Print it on photopaper for better results. Photopaper makes for clearer pictures and the paper is thicker which is better for working with glue.

For the next step we are going to create the cabochon. Start with cutting out the picture into the right shape. Place the transparent cabochon on the picture and gently cut away all edges that stick out.


Now for the glue, this is the most risky part of the process. Glue responds to paper and ink in many ways. So you might ruin your picture rather easily and we can’t guaranty success with this tutorial. To help you prevent disaster I have listed below some problems I’ve encountered myself. This not an exact science so be prepared for any mishaps. There are special glues available in hobby stores that promise better results.

Errors that may occur:

-          The glue reacts to the paper and the ink shows discolouration.

-          The paper is too thin, the glue seeps through.

-          The glue causes the ink to become runny

-          Air bubbles form underneath the cabochon 

When you want to use regular super glue like me then you should do the following for the best result. Use the little brush to apply a little bit of glue to the edges of the cabochon. Try to refrain from applying glue inside the edges. Use as little glue as you can, you don’t need to put glue on the entire edge. Carefully place the photo on the cabochon and try to let in as little air as possible. Now you can glue the cabochon with the picture into the setting. Don’t panic if it fails, just persevere and you will succeed.

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