Hold on: every day is one step closer to summer ☼


The Holidays are just yet behind us, but we are already totally ready for spring and of course the subsequent summer! This means that we’re going to dive into the new trends for the upcoming spring and summer of 2019… This way you can buy the right things for your store, without doing all the preparatory work. Next to this, you can form an idea of which articles we will be offering the next few months more or less. All very exciting things; so do read along…

Polaris Elements cabochons


Live Life colourful


The very first thing we do when we are looking for the new trends for spring/summer 2019 are the new trend colours which will be seen upmost. What will strike you at once when you see the colours is that they’re quite flashy, which is so cool, we believe.


These colours are exuberant and radiate strength. Exactly what we need after the dreadful fall and winter. This special palette might make you think, in the first place, of a fall palette, but nothing could be less true. This is exactly what makes these colours so amazing: next to the pastel colours which you’ll always find in spring these colours radiate confidence. The basic colours are also provided with the same warmth that the other colours have.


These colours are perfect to translate into beautiful Cuoio bracelets and Polaris Elements cabochons which will also be available in these trend colours. Combine these soft basics with a real banging trend colour and your jewellery is totally up-to-date according to the newest trend colours.

Bedels DQ metaal goud

Big, bigger, biggest!


This spring/summer is ‘’all about volume and greatness’’. We already saw a little preview this winter; your jewellery can be GRAND! There’s no room for wallflowers in this trend, it’s time to shine. For instance, think of wearing big creole earrings in your ears with beautiful charms such as coins, shells, or jungle-themed animals (especially the snake trend!) and leaves. Coming period there will arrive some amazing big pendants on Beads Wholesale Online which will be perfect to create big statement earrings.


There’ll be pretty creole earrings with eyes available as well on the website so you can customize your earpiece with beautiful DQ European metal charms. As for wearing bracelets and necklaces the same rule counts: GO XXL! This means big, heavy bangles which are supposed to be striking, just as big chains with charms. Do you prefer a more subtle approach? Choose for quantity instead of size and combine multiple minimalist bracelets, earrings and necklaces with one another. This way you will still get that trendy voluminous feel.

Trendy oorbellen
Jasseron / schakelketting

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link


Choose belcher chain as stringing material for the upcoming seasons. This material is very cool to use when making bracelets and necklaces and gives your ornament a tough, chunky look. You can try out a bigger size belcher chain with this trend than you may be used to. Invest in good quality belcher chain, as for example our stainless steel ones. You will see that when you’re working with this material your ornament won’t need much else, because the material does already have a great guise on its own.


Choose when you’re working with this material a beautiful, big jewellery clasp, which will almost be a charm on its own. Next, your ornament can be decorated with all kinds of different fun DQ European metal charms. A fun hint when you want to create earrings using belcher chain: attach belcher chain to an earring of choice and attach a single charm at the bottom of the belcher chain. You can decide how long you want the chain to be, but we like to wear it all the way down to our shoulder for a real statement!

Jasseron / schakelketting
Bedels DQ metaal goud

Stay golden


That there’s a shift taking place of people who rather wear silver coloured jewellery or gold coloured jewellery was already noticeable last season. Gold coloured jewellery is upcoming! This summer, this trend will continue.


Gold radiates the same warmth as you can see in the spring/summer colours and is because of that a perfect fit. Be sure you buy enough gold coloured charms and gold coloured jewellery findings for your store, so you won’t have to tell your customers your gold coloured items are out of stock. It’s always such a waste to have to tell your customers you don’t have the exact product they would’ve wanted.

Crystal glas

Ear cuffs


Are you already familiar with this one? The ear cuff. The idea is that your whole auricle on the outside is covered with one big ornament. This jewel is often connected by one piercing that goes through your earlobe and the rest of the ornament rests on your article or sometimes is connected to the top of your ear with a small clip. These ear cuffs you’ll see a lot this spring and summer.


Create this jewel by using metal thread to create the right shape and decorate with Swarovski stones or strass charms for a shiny appearance.


An other option is to take an ear stud for your earlobe and to attach this through belcher chain to a jump ring at the top of your ear. This will turn out to be a more edgy kind of look.

Schelp kralen

Life is better at the beach


The beach days are still far ahead of us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t already fantasize about them… And where can you express your fantasy better than in your homemade jewellery? Shells, mermaids, coral; all trendy topics this spring and summer! These subjects are so cool to use when you’re making jewellery.


We’ve got, for example, amazing mermaid charms and mermaid look cabochons. These charms are so cool to use whenever you’re making earrings or a cool charm bracelet or necklace. You will find these mermaids the coming time more often, because this is a real trend item.


The mermaid look cabochons will have a real wow-effect with your customers, because of the beautiful colour gradient and glow they fit the upcoming spring of 2019 perfectly.There’ll also be more than enough different shell charms to provide all your jewellery with this sea-theme! You can already check out our amazing shell bead collection right here -->

Crystal glas

Shine bright…


Next to the fact that you’ll find lots of gold coloured jewellery, which are so glowy and shiny, this isn’t this the only trend that will glow this spring/summer.


Strass beads and charms and Swarovski beads can be pulled out of the closet! As long as your jewellery shines and glows it will fit right in the new trends. When our top faceted beads/charms catch the sunlight this will also provide a sparkling effect.


Create fun bracelets where you can steel the show with.

Half edelsteen kralen

Life is always ‘rocky’, when you’re a ‘gem’


The very last trend that we’re going to discuss is the gemstone trend. You can think about beautiful natural stone beads, for example, and of course our semi-precious stone beads and connectors. These beautiful products are perfectly fit to use when you’re making earrings.


Combine the semi-precious stone beads/charms/connectors and create the most amazing jewellery. Also really cool to create: a charm bracelet with semi-precious stone beads in various shapes and pendants.


At last don’t forget to take a look at our beautiful collection freshwater pearls. You will find these pearls a lot as well this spring. The combination with golden jewellery findings is very nice and suits the ‘life’s better at the beach’-theme as well.


Don’t forget that the abovementioned trends are meant as guidelines and this of course doesn’t mean that you can only put these items in your store. Give your own touch to these trends and most of all don’t forget to listen to your own costumers. Are your customers crazy about silver coloured, minimalist jewellery? Keep on selling those products! Do you also like to stay on top of the trends at the same time? Sacrifice one wall in your store for the trend-sensitive products. Do you have super trend following customers? Dare to create more space in your store for these kind of products, but most of all keep on listening to the needs of your costumers and of course which way you would like to take with your own store or brand.


The best of luck in applying these trends, in your own way, in your store. For question you’re always welcome at our customer service or at our social media channels!



Until next time! XOXO

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