Take the test: Are you a real Christmas freak?


Take the test: Are you a real Christmas freak?


      Summer has ended. Are you the type of person that simply can’t wait until stores display their new Christmas items and you can start visiting Christmas fairs?

  • YES, I can’t wait to gaze upon the brand new Christmas collections (3 points)
  • NO, I think it’s foolish people spend their money on those items (1 point)
  • YES, but secretly I’m only there for hot chocolate and gingerbread (2 points)

      Are your favourite colours secretly red and green the whole year through?

  • YES, are there even more colours than those two? (3 points)
  • NO, I do like Christmas, just not with those traditional colours (2 points)
  • NO, I actually try to avoid these colours the whole year through… (1 point)

      Are you coping with a serious pompom addiction?

  • NO, please, no frills for me (1 point)
  • YES, I can never get enough of those pompom charms (3 points)
  • YES, pompoms enrich your jewellery with a bohemian touch (2 points)

      Is the part of wrapping your Christmas gifts just as important as the gift itself?

  • YES, is a present even a present without any ribbon, cards, glitter and bows? (3 points)
  • NO, I couldn’t care less. I often just keep the gift in the sack it came with (1 point)
  • NO, I’m very bad at it. But I do love receiving these fantastic gift creations (2 points)

      Does the thought of surprising your loved ones with your homemade presents make your heart beat a little faster?

  • NO, I’d rather give them ready-made gifts (1 point)
  • YES, I love to go all out when it comes to the Holiday season and my loved ones (3 points)
  • YES, a gift with a personal touch is the best to receive and to hand out (2 points)


Trendy oorbellen

0-5 points: YOU’RE THE GRINCH!

Christmas isn’t particularly you’re favourite time of the year. And even though you would love to avoid the holidays all together, even you can’t ignore these commercial (!) Holidays. To cut yourself some slack, choose to buy some ready-made products.

We’ve got some amazing Christmas cards in our assortment for example, designed by our very own graphic department. These cards also make really cool jewellery cards (watch the DIY video on how you can easily do this yourself -->). Also good to know: not all cards are 100% Christmassy. There are some wintery cards available as well.

Nieuwe top facet kralen + winterse sieradenkaartjes!

An other fun idea is to buy beautiful stainless steel bangles or Polaris Steel bracelets. These bracelets are ready-made and have a really classy look. The Polaris Steel bracelets can be finished of with a Swarovski flatback to make your gift even more special.

Roestvrij stalen (RVS) Stainless steel armbanden

Don’t forget to pick some cute charms as well. We have got a whole category on our website in which you can find all charms that are suited for the Holidays (check it out here -->). Even though you’re not fond of Christmas, you’re customers will definitely love these charms. You can also sell belcher chain and coloured elastic cord with these charms, so you offer your customers stylish options to create pretty jewellery!

CHRISTMAS BLOG ☃☃ afbeelding

5-10 points: CHRISTMAS LOVER

You believe Christmas is a feast! Whether this is due to the conviviality, the festive decorations, the gifts or the delicious Christmas dinner… You’re having a blast!

Because you like to surprise your loved ones with something pretty and personal, it’s fun to also buy this sort of products for your store. For instance we have a beautiful collection medallion charms, in which a picture or photograph can be placed. By attaching the medallion to belcher chain in the same colour you can quickly create a fantastic ornament.

NEW: medaillon bedels en meer!

Other fun articles are our fantastic metal Christmas charms for example. We’ve got Christmas tree charms, presents, candy canes and lots more cool charms. Also our new bohemian charms have a Christmassy touch. You can for example find beautiful star charms, but you will also come across some religious charms. There’s something for everyone!

Bohemian hangers in nieuwe designs

When you also want to purchase some real eye-catchers for your store, you should take a look at our collection rhinestone charms. These charms have a beautiful, luxurious appearance and are ideal to use for your gift this Christmas. Other eye-catchers are our pompom charms. These pompoms are available in different sizes and will transform any piece of jewellery into a festive item! Hint: make a pendulum out of our pompoms for your Christmas tree. A real must-have this season.



You are a real Christmas fanatic! You always start planning your Holiday season extra early and you love to travel along all the Christmas fairs. But it’s even more fun to rent a stand yourself, to share all of your Christmas ideas with the world.

Several fun items to take with you when you’re going to rent a stand at a market or fair are ImpressArt (click here -->) and our Cuoio (click here -->). With these items your customers can choose how they would like their ornament and you can personalise them right away! Make sure to bring along one alphabet and a various of typical Christmas stamps with you. With these stamps your customers can already choose a lot of fun stamps for their jewellery. When you choose to sell Cuoio bracelets, bring along a fun assortment of Christmassy cabochons, so your customers can pick their favourite themselves. Be sure to also bring along our new collection DQ European leather Christmas angels and stars to personalise with the stamps of ImpressArt.


When you bring enough charms with you, your customers are able to choose their favourite for a bracelet or earring. Convenient to prepare at home: attach the charms in advance to a jump ring, so you only have to bend open the eye with your round nose pliers so you can very quickly attach the charm to any jewellery.

Verpakkingsmateriaal voor sieraden

Finally, wrapping the presents is just as important as the gift itself. Take a look at our gift pouches in our Winter/Christmas specials category. Our organza bags will give the presents and handmade creations a luxurious look. The bags are available in a lot of different colours, but choose for example to buy grey and pink organza bags: the Christmas colours of 2018! Another fun option is to buy our Cuoio giftboxes. Because of these boxes your presents will look appealing and of course they will look amazing underneath the Chistmas tree.


Happy Holidays!

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