The must have for your sunglasses: a sunglasses necklace!

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The must have for your sunglasses: a sunglasses necklace!


Officially, it takes over a month before the summer starts... Fortunately, the sun already often shows itself and that means that everyone starts wearing their sunglasses again. And Beads Wholesale Online wouldn't be Beads Wholesale Online if we didn't have a super trendy accessory for to go with that...

Inspiratie: zo geef je zonnebril koorden een extra zomerse touch

We have a fantastic ready-made sunglasses necklace collection for you with trendy sunglass cords that will provide your sunglasses a unique look. We have several sunglasses necklaces made of stainless steel belcher chain. Some sunglass cords from the collection are fine and subtle, while other ones are bigger, giving it a cooler look. Finally, there also are sunglass necklaces with small coloured beads for a summery touch. Besides the fact that the sunglasses necklaces are super trendy, they are also super handy. With a sunglasses necklace you never have to lose your sunglasses when you don't want them on your nose. You just wear them as a ''necklace'' around your neck!

Zonnebril koorden

Would you like to start making your own sunglasses necklace? Then we have some tips for you... We’ve got all kinds of nice jewellery findings you can use to do this. First of all, you will need our glasses cord ends, to which you attach the sunglasses. Next, we have a wide range of belcher chain, which is often used as a base when making a pair of sunglasses necklaces. Then it's time to customize the sunglasses necklace! This can be done for example by giving the sunglasses necklace a 'beach look' and working with shell beads and coconut beads. Freshwater pearls are also fun to use. These items give the sunglass cord a summery look.

Sunglass cord

Another way to customize your sunglasses is with tassels. This gives your sunglasses necklace a bohemian look and is perfect for the real Ibiza lovers among us. When making your sunglasses necklaces use stainless steel parts, these items are of excellent quality. Read more about taking care of your jewelry here.


Finally do not forget to take a look at our new jewelry cards. These are the perfect way to present the sunglasses necklace in your store.


Let the summer come! Which one are you going for?

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