Jewellery trends for Valentine's Day 2023

valentine's day

Valentine's Day is upon us again and that means new inspiration, a dose of creativity and, of course, lots of love! In this blog, we bring you up to date on the latest trends to help you put together the ultimate Valentine's Day collection.  This year's trends are mainly focussed on personalising jewellery, in order to create a unique and personal jewellery gift. Gift packaging also plays an important role. Our range includes plenty of options for beautifully packaging the jewellery you create. 


Stainless steel necklaces

Trend 1 Making Personalised necklaces

You can quickly personalise a piece of jewellery by adding an initial charm. A huge trend that we will take centre-stage this year, is jewellery with rhinestones. Rhinestones can be incorporated into personalised jewellery in different ways. How about a simple stainless steel chain with a hanging initial charm with rhinestones for extra impact?  


This trend can also be reversed. Choose a rhinestone necklace, combined with a plain or solid charm. Depending on the recipient's taste in jewellery, you can then add another charm that pairs nicely with the initial charm. How about a heart, a flower or perhaps an animal?

The most popular, and perhaps the most appropriate gift for Valentine's Day, is of course a personalised necklace with a heart charm. This timeless combination can be created in several different ways. If you like a statement piece, you could opt for an eye-catching rhinestone necklace with a large solid heart. For a more elegant look, combine a simple chain, such as a snake or stainless steel chain and a subtle link, with a sophisticated heart charm. How about a heart charm made of imitation freshwater pearls or a small stainless steel heart?


The final, slightly more colourful option is a personalised necklace with coloured enamel beads. You can hang either a solid or coloured heart on this necklace. 

If you’re looking for coloured hearts, please see our Crystal Glass products. Items made of Crystal Glass are gaining popularity and increasingly appearing on the catwalk. Incorporate Crystal Glass into your jewellery to create genuine eye-catchers! 


Ready-made Bracelets

Trend 2 Making Personalised bracelets

The rules for a personalised necklace also apply to personalised bracelets; a heart-shaped charm is always a good option on Valentine's Day. The possibilities are endless; you could opt for a belcher bracelet, a bracelet with faceted beads, a link bracelet or a bracelet made of ribbon. In our range, you will find heart charms in different styles. That way, you can create bracelets for Valentine's Day according to your customers' different tastes; from elegant bracelet to statement piece, and everything in between. 


Another trend that has been popular for quite some time and is set to return this year is the letter bracelet. Use (elastic) ribbon, belcher or satin thread to make your bracelet. With letter beads, you can easily create a personalised bracelet. There is endless variation with the letter beads; we have white, black, coloured, square, round, acrylic, metal and so on! Choose your favourite beads to create trendy, personalised bracelets


We have a wide range, with different types of ribbon. This ribbon lends itself perfectly to making bracelets in no time. A charm can also be easily slipped onto this ribbon to give the bracelet a personal touch. For Valentine’s day, you could choose a ‘love’ ribbon or a solid colour for a more subtle impact.  



Trend 3: Personalised earrings

The above trends for this Valentine's Day also translate into the earrings collection.

Again, the focus is on personal jewellery through the use of initials that can be incorporated into the design. 


As with the personalised necklaces , earrings are often combined with stainless steel products and items with rhinestones. We often see stainless steel earrings as a base; you can go for studs, regular hoops or some larger hoops. An initial charm with rhinestones is then hung from the earring. 


Zirconia creoles are also set to be on-trend this season. These round-shaped earrings with brightly coloured stones should definitely form part of your collection! Combine the earring with a Zirconia initial in the same style, or hang a stainless steel charm to break up the colour a little. 


The latest trend is perhaps no surprise at all but it’s always going to be significant: earrings with hearts! The possibilities are endless. Choose heart-shaped or plain stainless steel studs with an attached heart charm.

Other possibilities include; Zirconia creoles with Zirconia hearts, stainless steel creoles with rhinestone hearts or, alternatively, a stud with a stone and a stainless steel heart-shaped charm.



Jewellery bags and boxes

Trend 4: Packaging materials

Packaging materials are becoming increasingly important. Our range offers a wide collection of beautiful bags and boxes for packaging your creations. The range includes velvet bags, velvet envelopes and elegant jewellery boxes. These are perfect for wrapping a personalised bracelet or necklace.


We also have a wide range of jewellery cards, some for mounting the jewellery and some simply for your message. Use these cards to make your personalized jewellery even more personal!  


We hope we have been able to inspire you with this blog so you can create another beautiful collection of personal jewellery.  And remember, Valentine's Day is all about love and not being afraid to show it! 



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