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Blog: trends autumn/winter 2020-2021

The end of perhaps one of the strangest summers ever is near and it's time to prepare for a new season. Autumn, which already starts next month, is followed by winter and that's why we've listed the biggest jewellery trends for you below. Hopefully this way you will get the tools to buy the products you need for a perfect new collection.


Let's start with the new trend colours for the coming season. By studying them carefully, you will be able to buy other colours than you normally would, because there will probably be a lot of demand for these trend colours. You'll see a lot of warm colours passing by and that makes us very happy!

Jasseron / schakelketting

- Chains -

We see this trend almost every autumn/winter... Chains! What’s new this time is that for example different chains can be combined with each other. For example, it is very nice to combine flat belcher chain with, for example, a twisted belcher chain and maybe just a slightly finer, thinner kind of belcher chain. This creates a playful effect.

Blog: trends autumn/winter 2020-2021 afbeelding

- Charms -

Of course we already have charms in our assortment, but this season we are going to see an incredible amount of charms! Here you can make fantastic charm bracelets or chains. All charms are 'on trend', but what we've seen a lot are round coin charms and heart pendants. These charms are fun to make all kinds of trendy jewellery with.

NEW IN! Trendy stainless steel jaartal tussenstukken

- Combining gold and silver -

For many this may be a no-go, but it's a trend we've spotted for the upcoming seasons. We are very happy with this trend, because this way you can combine all your different kinds of jewellery with each other and it also creates a playful effect. Besides the fact that these two different materials can be combined, we also see a lot of vintage look influences. This is of course great fun to combine with this trend. There are gold coloured jewels that are all very decorated. These items are great fun to combine with silver jewellery, so you get a unique look. In the vintage trend you can also use pearls and that is how all kind of trends come together.

Half edelsteen kralen

- Colourful jewellery -

This trend will probably not come as a surprise, after you have looked at the new trend colours. You will come across a lot of colourful jewellery this autumn. You can for example use beautiful natural stone beads or semi precious stone beads and make jewellery with them. This trend has the same luxurious look that we see a lot this season and is super fun to try out!


- Animals -

Something completely different that we have spotted as a trend are charms and beads in the shape of animals. A fantastic trend for everyone, because you can go in all directions with them. For example, you can choose to make statement earrings with beautiful snake charms, but also a necklace with a lobster charm or a bracelet with different animal beads or charms is a must-have this season!


- Special pearls -

Pearls are also not to be missed in fashion lately. Pearls give each piece of jewellery a luxurious look and are good to use when making all kinds of different jewellery. What makes this season's pearl trend unique is that you will come across all kinds of different shapes of pearls. You will also see pearls on for example hair accessories. Take a look at some nice examples below…


- Chandelier earrings -

If you take a really good look at this trend, you'll see that it's really cool! Chandelier earrings refer to those beautiful big chandelier lamps, which translate into chic, long earrings made with beads or charms. As you can see we have already tried this trend for you and we love this trend! Are you going to try this new trend as well?


- Long chains -

Are the long chains coming back? Yes, they are. But in a unique, new way! The necklaces are a lot more subtle than the last time these necklaces were seen in fashion and that makes these necklaces extra fun! For example, you can choose to use a narrow belcher chain and make a long necklace with it. Possibly you can hang one or more charms on it, or attach a pearl every so many cm by using squeezing beads. The most important thing with this trend is that it is a subtle addition to your outfit.


- Chokers -

The chokers you're going to see a lot this season don't necessarily have to be worn tight around the neck. The chokers can also be worn slightly underneath. Here you can vary with different materials, such as different rows of beads underneath each other or still make a choker with strass chain or link chains.

Oorbel onderdelen / creolen

- Tassels -

The tassels can be used as a charm on a necklace, bracelet or earring, but can also be made with for example belcher chain or rhinestone chain or other stringing materials. This way you can make your own tassel and use different materials. It’s fun to experiment with this…

Good luck shopping for the new seasons and have a lot of fun with making jewellery for your new collection. In the coming weeks we will share even more inspiration with you, so make sure to visit our inspiration page. For new techniques you can always visit our YouTube channel, where we explain new techniques to you step by step.

See you next time! XOXO

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