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BLOG - Tips for a successful last quarter afbeelding

Tips for a successful last quarter

The last quarter of the year is nearby; the last 3 months of the year 2020. You want to end the year with good sales and satisfied customers. How do you acquire new customers and achieve your targets? How do you make sure that your customers (continue to) buy from you? These are questions that every entrepreneur has to deal with every now and then. With this blog we provide you with some advice you can use to acquire new customers and keep your former customers.

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First of all, we would like to talk about the use of a customer database. When people are registered in your customer database you can keep them informed about new collections or  through emails. If you have a store you can easily approach customers during checkout and ask them if they are interested in registering to your customer database and point out the advantages. The benefits are different for each company. Another option is to develop a savings system, where customers are rewarded with special extras as they spend more at your store. It is more difficult to get people enthusiastic about a savings system online, but not impossible. You can offer customers a discount on their next purchase when they register to your customer database. By registering as many people as possible in your customer database, you have a lot of valuable information. By using a customer database you will have access to the people who are interested in your company. You can ask your customers for their postal code and date of birth during registration. This information will give you more insight into where your customers mainly live and what age-range is interested in your products. With this information, you can get creative.

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Social media marketing tips

A way to engage customers is to use social media channels as a marketing tool. It is a way to connect with (potential) customers and besides that, a handy way to receive feedback from your customers. For example, you can find new customers on social media by using certain hashtags. By using relevant hashtags on Instagram, the right audience will find you. Another way to find new customers is to place paid advertisements on your social media channels. By using Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest you will notice that your posts are shown much more on these channels and that many people will see and interact with your company. When you advertise with ads, you can focus on a specific and interesting target group.

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Posting regularly on social media channels is essential. If you do this, social media channels will display your company more often to potential customers. However, this does not mean that you should just 'post to post'. It is very important that when you post, these are meaningful posts, like new articles or fun promotions. Do you find it difficult to make a good post every day? Plan ahead. You can easily plan ahead on Facebook and Instagram. By preparing all your posts once a week, you will make it easy on yourself. Try to plan promotions and new collections. Are there no new articles to promote and no promotions to announce to your customers? Get creative! Inspire your customers on how they can style your items. Or give your customers a look behind the scenes! Ask your customers to give you feedback about your current collections. This can be done by placing a photo. It's even more fun to make a video, so they get a better image of your company. Explain on camera how you make a certain piece of jewellery or give them a unique look behind the scenes. You want your customers to become a 'fan' of your company.


BLOG - Tips for a successful last quarter afbeelding

Finally, you can use 'Facebook shopping'. Here you add a tab to your company page on which you show articles that your customers can directly purchase. This 'shopping section' is perfect for reaching customers through Facebook. Make sure you take good quality photos of your products and upload them with a suitable description. You can even offer entire collections this way and make them stand out.

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Marketing tips for your company

Once your new customers have placed their first order, the next challenge is to get them to place a second order. One way to achieve this is to organise a promotion or campaign. This can be anything, a discount to your customers or organising a sale to sell out old collections. Another option is to sell DIY packages with an attractive price. This way you can compose and sell packages to your customers, which makes it easy for your customers to make their own jewellery. Another option is to organise a customer day. Your customers can register to visit your shop for a unique preview of your latest collection. This day you can indulge your customers by offering them snacks, drinks and styling advice. During these workshops you can provide your customers with extra information about jewellery and materials. After the workshop you can invite them to take a look at your collections, and who knows, you might be able to sell extra items! Because you are asking money for the workshops you could consider letting the people who participated, shop with a certain discount. This way you stimulate your customers to spend some more.




The busiest months of the year are approaching, and it is important to be well prepared. Plan ahead and start thinking about how you are going to sell as much as possible in and around December. It is essential to have enough stock so that you won't have to disappoint customers. Think about what to buy for the holidays. It is nice to give your customers an extra incentive to buy through a fun promotion. You can offer your customers to receive every order in a beautiful package, free of charge or for a small extra charge. Another option is to give your customers a handwritten card to wish them a lot of fun with their purchase. You can offer your customers a unique gift service by sending their purchased gift for the holiday season directly to the person for whom the gift is intended. Finally, it is possible to surprise your customers with a give-away. This can be given with every order in a certain period of time, but you can also encourage your customers by only sending the give-away from a certain expenditure. This way you stimulate your customers to place an order and also to reach a certain spending!

BLOG - Tips for a successful last quarter afbeelding
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