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winter 2020

Are you ready for Christmas 2020?

Shopping in shops at this time of crisis is a bit different from what we are used to. That's why it's essential to pamper your customers. You can do this by ensuring that you have sufficient stock so that your customers don't lack anything.

winter 2020

Make sure that your customers can elegantly wrap their gifts by providing sufficient packaging material for jewellery. We have a fantastic collection of jewellery velvet bags, linen bags, organza bags and jewellery (gift) boxes in all colours and sizes that will delight your customers.

winter 2020

A jewellery card is an original way to wrap a piece of jewellery. Our own graphics department designed these cards and immediately put a smile on the recipient's face. We offer jewellery cards for Christmas, beautiful cards for winter, and other more common cards. These cards are not only for presenting a piece of jewellery but can further be sold as Christmas cards.

winter 2020

We have a wide range of jewellery displays. You can use them to showcase your jewellery or offer them to your customers to store their jewellery. You can beautifully present bracelets on our jewellery display cushions. For necklaces, rings and earrings, we also have fantastic jewellery displays to put your customers in the right mood. There are even several jewellery displays that you can use to create a Christmas presentation. These wooden displays are festively decorated and perfect for the coming festive season.

winter 2020

This Christmas jewellery should not be missing from your collection

We have a large assortment of jewellery and Christmas decorations, and we will tell you more about them later. We also have beautiful Christmas-themed DQ metal end caps and connectors. This will enable you to make an exquisite keychain. We have a wide range of stainless steel charms and beads that are great fun to make festive-looking jewellery. That said, a Christmas gift does not have to look typically Christmassy to make someone happy. Discover our collection of stainless-steel charms and beads and create beautiful jewellery with them. Please create an account (free of charge) and subscribe to our newsletter. This way, we will inform you about our latest collections.

How to prepare for Christmas 2020 afbeelding

Christmas is not only about bright colours and luxurious materials. Various customers also like to work with wooden items for Christmas. For example, by making Christmas tree pendants with wooden beads or creating a beautiful window garland with wooden beads, all this remains in the Christmas spirit. Wooden beads stand out beautifully in all bright, cheerful colours and also look elegant and authentic.

New in! Stainless steel ringen en armbanden

We also have a fantastic ready-to-use collection waiting for you. Whether you are looking for rings, bracelets, earrings, or ready-to-use necklaces, we have everything you need! Discover our great stainless-steel rings and bracelets. You can then wrap these items in an elegant jewellery (gift) box, and you will end up with a great gift. Faceted pearl bracelets are also beautiful ready-to-use gifts that you can decorate with charms.

How to prepare for Christmas 2020 afbeelding

DIY (Do It Yourself): Christmas angels

You can easily create beautiful angels with jewellery headpins. You can sell the ready-made angels, but you can also sell the materials so that your customers can make them themselves. You can use all kinds of materials, but in any case you will need a flat-headed nail, a cutter, flat pliers, and round pliers. You will also need a round bead for the angel's head. You can use glass beads for this purpose and Polaris Elements beads, wooden beads, faceted beads, etc. Then choose from our beautiful collection of DQ European metal wings and make your choice for the angel's body. Choose a drop-shaped Polaris Elements bead, a natural stone bead in the shape of a drop, or several different belcher chain lengths. Then you will thread the headpins you have chosen onto the headpin. You can add a Heishi disc bead or tiny beads to form your angel's halo. Form a carnation at the top, and your angel is ready. Your angel can now be used as a pendant for the Christmas tree, for an earring, or a keychain. Discover our DIY video on to make your angels.

Good luck with your purchases and then with your Christmas sales. If you have any questions about trends or DIY projects, you can contact our customer service at any time.

See you next time!

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