One of the most, or even the most, important selling moment of the year: the December month. With all of the holidays in the cosiest month of the year your customers will be on the look out for the perfect gifts, the perfect decorations for their house and the perfect outfit and accessories. It’s from the upmost importance to be well prepared, so you can amaze your customers! Please read along and find out how we think you can prepare yourself for this time of the year…

HOW TO: get your store ready for Christmas? afbeelding
Nieuwe hangers met vilt en pailletten voor kerst!



The month December is a true party month: Chanukah, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. This merry month asks for a lot of preparations, so your shop will be completely ready with the very best items for your customers. 


We start this blog off with some tips for decorating and creating the perfect atmosphere for your store. Whether you run an actual store, a webshop or social media; your platform must scream ‘PARTY’. Whenever you own a physical store you could choose to get a Christmas tree and decorate it with all sorts of amazing decorations you sell at your store. For example we offer some amazing felt Christmas figures which are perfect to hang in the Christmas tree. When you jab a headpin through the felt figure and attach an ornament hook at the top you have an amazing decoration for your tree. Another fun idea is to create angels by using beads and hang these charming ornaments in your tree as well. Here you can find a whole lot of ideas on how to create angels. These self-made items can also be used to create decorative pendulums with. All you have to do is hang multiple angels or felt Christmas figures next to each other on a string and you have your pendulum.

HOW TO: get your store ready for Christmas? afbeelding
Nieuwe kerst cadeauverpakkingen!

Of course you will want to present all kinds of festive jewellery and accessories in your store, but how do you do this in a fun and creative way? We have collected some super cool new options for you:


  • We always offer our well known jewellery cards on the website, on which you can hang an ornament. This way you have a perfect present. But this year we have a very special alternative: we have designed special jewellery cards made of wood! These cards are very solid and thick and already incised so there are notches where you can present your bracelets or necklaces on. The wooden jewellery cards are engraved with all kinds of Wintery dessins, like for example a deer, the Northern star or snowflakes. The jewellery cards can also be nicely presented in your store, using our handy display especially made for these wooden jewellery cards. Do you own a virtual store? Be sure to share lots of inspirational, festive content on your social media pages and of course on the homepage of your website.

  • Pick out one special spot in your store, which you get completely designated for gift wrapping all of the presents customers buy in your store. You can choose to ask a small amount for this service. When you are gift wrapping all of the presents of your customers you can, for example, use our adorable special gift boxes decorated with Christmas dessins. The gift boxes have a luxurious appearance and when you open up the little box you will find a soft, black pillow where you can lay your jewellery gift onto. That will look amazing under the Christmas tree. An other fun option is to use our small new canvas jewellery bags. These are also available with all kinds of different Christmas dessins and are at least just as festive as our jewellery boxes. Next to these new items on the website you can always order our well-known jewellery organza bags and Cuoio giftbox.

  • For other beautiful creations you have made or bought ready-made there are fantastic ways to present them, because of our new wooden displays. These new displays can be used to present necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They are perfect to give your entire store a new look! An other fun new article are our beautiful cushions for jewellery. You can present all kinds of bracelets onto these cushions. The cushions are available in all sorts of amazing colours and because of that they are a true must-have for your store.

  • Don’t forget to decorate your shopping window (or homepage) into the Christmas spheres and present your most beautiful and best articles on this spot. You will be guaranteed that not a single soul will walk past your beautiful store (or website)!

  • At last we have designed 3 amazing canvas bags, which are so cool to use as an upselling item for your store or online shop. One of the canvas bags is very general to use and always good to use as a shopper, but the other two are decorated with a Wintery design and is super cool to use especially for the cold Winter months.
HOW TO: get your store ready for Christmas? afbeelding



Your store has to look stunning during this festive period, but that’s not as important as having the right articles in stock for your store. Be sure to do your purchases on schedule, so you will have more than enough in stock. You don’t want to have to tell your customers ‘no’ in the busiest period of the year. We have picked out 3 items for you, which you can’t go without in your store this period:

Strass chain
  • STRASS ITEMS: the ultimate party-item! Strass chain is a huge trend, which you will spot everywhere this fall and winter, but especially in the December month your store should have some strass chain items. With our strass chain you can create the most amazing bracelets and earrings. Such an item is the perfect gift underneath the Christmas tree, packaged in our lovely jewellery boxes.
NIEUW! Zoetwaterparel hangers en tussenstukken!
  • PEARLS: jewellery with pearls is always a good idea, because of their beautiful natural glow and unique appearance. Use our freshwater pearls to create the most amazing jewellery, or take a look at our freshwater pearl charms and connectors. These are already provided with a gold- or silver-coloured edge, what makes them fun to combine with our DQ European metal items. Do you like regularity and do you like every item to be exactly the same? Then take a look at our glass pearls, which are all perfectly round and perfect for a party!
Crystal glas
  • CRYSTAL GLASS: our crystall glass items are also known for their beautiful glow and amazing colours. These items can also be used for any ornament. Use the crystal glass charms in different sizes to create earrings and necklaces and use our crystal glass connectors to create beautiful bracelets. These eye-catchers are amazing, because of the diversity of colours. It doesn’t matter with which item you combine the crystal glass, the crystal glass items will surely make your ornament super classy and will provide your jewellery with a luxurious appearance.
HOW TO: get your store ready for Christmas? afbeelding
Polaris Elements kralen



At last you obviously want your own outfit to be completely on point during the Holidays. On these days you can go all out! Think, for example, about creating an enatire jewellery set with our Polaris Elements beads. Use these beautiful, shiny beads to create bracelets, a pretty necklace and at last a couple of earrings. By aligning these items with one another you get an extraordinary total and your outfit will be beautifully decorated. On these like these it’s very nice to work with sets, because this way you can really go all out. Be sure to wear big eye-catcher earrings, which shine brightly. On our inspirational page on the website you can find the most amazing ideas to create your own must-haves.


The best of luck with all of the preparations for this festive period! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.



See you next time!

HOW TO: get your store ready for Christmas? afbeelding
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