‘It’s that time of the year again!’


Get ready: shop now for Christmas 2021!

‘It’s that time of the year again!’

I’m Driving Home For Christmas & All I Want For Christmas Is You… You will be listening to these songs on your radio in just several weeks. So it’s time to prepare your shop for the most busy time of the year. During the holidays, it’s all about giving. Be sure your shop is totally Christmas-proof. In this blog, we will show you the most important Christmas trends.   We will guide you by showing you a few important must-haves for this period of time.



Trend items Christmas 2021

Get ready for Christmas with these trendy items

If you want to be on trend this Christmas for your customers, it is important to show several items in your shop. We advise you to prepare many freshwater pearls in a variety of different shapes. Pearls are known for their luxurious look, but are also really trendy when combined with other beads, like top faceted beads, letter beads and Polaris beads.Another important trend is to combine different colourful rings (stacking), like for example the Polaris Elements rings.

Rock that classy look this Christmas

Another trend we will see this Christmas is stainless steel jewellery. Stainless steel is luxurious and also very sustainable due to it’s good quality. During the holidays, your jewellery may stand out a little more, so you can choose bigger items. Choose large beads, charms and big belcher chains. Attach charms like Birth Flower or letter beads onto your jewellery, to personalise your collection. You can also play with the length of your necklaces. Create for instance a choker, but also longer necklaces to have a playful look.

All time favourites

Besides the new trends, you should not forget the classics. We made a small list just for you:


C.U.S® jewellery

C.U.S® jewellery is the perfect Christmas present, because you can personalise and assemble the C.U.S® bracelets yourself. The C.U.S® message beads give a personal touch to your jewellery and can be hung onto a belcher chain. The possibilities with these items are endless.

Jewellery cards

Our new jewellery cards are also a real must-have for Christmas. Besides our Christmas cards, we also have a lot of general cards that are perfect to give away with a present. This time of year, people love to write a card to their beloved. So make sure to have enough jewellery cards in stock.


The Christmas tree is essential in december. What could be more fun than decorating the tree with your own creations? Make for instance DIY sets for your customers so they can make an angel by themselves to hang in the Christmas tree. In this DIY video we explain to you how you can make an angel with Polaris Elements drop shaped beads.


You could also make some pendants yourself to sell to your customers. This way you can easily make a Christmas tree with DQ leather and wooden beads to hang in your Christmas tree. You can also make a candy cane very quickly by using glass beads rondelle. Or create a long Christmas tree pendant by stringing different sorts of luxurious beads.

Get creative with these joyful acrylic letter beads

Phone cords are still a real trend issue and give you the possibility to customize your cell phone. Create for instance a phone cord with an elegant look by using top faceted beads that you embellish with freshwater pearls and rose beads. This way you make a nice eyecatcher for your phone in an easy way. You can also choose to make your phone cord with acrylic letter beads. Letter beads give you the possibility to personalise an accessory which gives an extra meaning to your jewellery.

Packaging materials

Our last tip, but certainly not the least, is about packaging material and displays. It is important to offer the perfect packaging material to your customers. Shop amongst others chique jewellery boxes, jewellery bags and special C.U.S® Birth Flower and Cuoio boxes. This way, you will be prepared to surprise your clients. Furthermore you would like to present your jewellery perfectly on beautiful jewellery displays. Use for example jewellery display cushions, wooden displays or displays with velvet details, there is something for everyone. Don’t wait and take a look!


Did you already see our Christmas video? Click here to get even more Christmas inspiration!


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