The most beautiful jewellery trends for spring 2023

The biggest trends for spring/summer 2023

The days are getting slightly longer again and it won’t be long before the first buds emerge on the trees. This means spring is just around the corner! While we say goodbye to the festive holiday period and short winter days, it’s time to look forward to the coming season. We are therefore swapping our winter jewellery trends for a more summery collection. We’ve drawn up a list of the most beautiful trendy jewellery that deserves to be included in your range. Ready to read further?

Birthstone jewellery and other jewellery with special meanings

We kick off with a trend which, on the one hand, is timeless and on the other, is ideal for combining with the other spring trend: jewellery with special meaning. How about initial beads or birthstone jewellery for instance? Because you can personalise jewellery, jewellery with special meaning can be made even more special. The Birth Flower jewellery items fit in perfectly with this trend. These stylish flower charms are all based on a specific birthday month. You are guaranteed to find a stylish charm for anyone, whether they were born in the spring or in a different month ;-). 



This jewellery trend is a must-have for your collection this spring  afbeelding

Bohemian jewellery straight from the 80’s

This spring, you’ll be seeing bohemian trendy jewellery in abundance once again. This style symbolises an independent and carefree lifestyle. Natural materials and light, neutral colours are what make this style easily recognisable. Combine feathers and pompoms with crocheted items for the ultimate bohemian look. And a cheerful 80’s colour, such as turquoise or bright pink, adds some extra pizzazz! 



floral jewellery

Flowers, flowers and even more flowers

It was already touched upon in the first trend, but in addition to the Birth Flower symbolic jewellery, other floral items will also be very popular this coming season. Spring is the season in which the first flowers show off their wonderful colours. This is why we see these natural masterpieces in this season’s jewellery trends. How about chunky earrings in organic shapes with a floral print, or a stainless steel bangle with flowers?




flower beads and charms

Combining and stacking

Are you searching for a statement look to add to your collection? Then you’ll certainly have fun with this season’s trendy jewellery. These items are perfect for combining and stacking with one another to create a chunky look. For example, you could layer a meaningful Birth Flower necklace with a bohemian shell necklace to create a beautiful combination. Add a thin, stainless steel necklace with turquoise tassels to create a statement look that embraces all trends. You could also create a beautiful presentation for these sets. Which combination will you choose?





glass rocailles beads

Colourful jewellery with a mix of beads

The above overview of the 2023 fashion trend colours is sure to have inspired you to get started with all these wonderful colours. This summer is an ideal time to go crazy with colours as it is a key trend. Make necklaces and bracelets using colourful rocailles beads, create a unique earring set with the help of polymer beads or make trendy rings with millefiori beads. Acrylic tube beads are also easy to use to make a trendy bangle bracelet. There are so many fun items just waiting for you! 


Belcher chain

Necklaces in all shapes and sizes

And we mustn’t forget to mention necklaces of course. This spring and summer, necklaces will come in all shapes and sizes. Combine a minimalist necklace made from thin belcher chain, for instance, with a colourful necklace made with glass beads and stainless steel charms. We have a huge assortment of beads and charms that can be used to make some fabulous necklaces but we also have a ready-to-wear collection that you can buy. By buying these trendy items and selling them as they are, you’ll have more time to make your own jewellery for your business. 


When making your own necklaces, a fun idea is to make one half of the necklace with colourful beads and the other half using belcher chain. This creates a playful effect with cheerful colours that are a great match for summer. Be inspired! 



Rivet for mobile phone (soft) case


Lastly, the summer is the perfect time for wearing all kinds of accessories. You could, for example, make a sunglasses cord. Create a classic minimalist cord or use colourful beads and freshwater pearls. 


Telephone cords have also become an essential fashion item nowadays and these can also be made in line with the latest 2023 fashion trends


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