5 reasons to choose for Griffin afbeelding

Recently Beads Wholesale Online added Griffin stringing materials to the collection! This brand is known for the premium quality of their products. We’re giving you 5 reasons why Griffin is the perfect stringing material for you!

1. Products of top quality

As mentioned before, Griffin is a brand with premium quality products. You can endlessly string jewellery onto Griffin jewellery elastic cord and it won’t break! The same goes for Griffin bead stringing wire. This super strong stringing material is available in multiple strands, which makes it more stiff or more subtle! Curious about all Griffin stringing materials? See the whole collection here ->

5 reasons to choose for Griffin

2. Colourful items

In Griffins assortment you can find the most outstanding colours! For example; Griffin jewellery elastic cord, Griffin habotai foulard cord and Griffin bead cord natural silk is available in numerous colours! The elastic cord for example is amazing combined with transparent beads, which makes the coloured elastic cord pop out perfectly! We love to use Griffin habotai foulard cord in combination with belcher chain and Griffin bead cord in combination with pearls!

3. Strong but subtle

Griffin stringing material of is super strong, but also very subtle. Griffin bead cord natural silk is actually known for the subtleness of the stringing material. With this bead cord you can make the most amazing pearl necklaces, that fall very natural around the neck. The Griffin bead stringing wire 49 strands is also very subtle, stringing material with this premium quality is hard to find!

4. Matching Griffin tools

Besides a large assortment of stringing materials, Griffin also offers matching tools like beading needles. Which is super handy, because these product are literally made for each other. Also, the Griffin tools are made of the same high quality as the brand uses for its stringing materials.

5 reasons to choose for Griffin

5. Huge collection with versatile products

Everyone can use the large collection of multiple versatile stringing materials. For all jewellery items there’s a Griffin stringing material that can be used.

Are you convinced? Take a look at the whole collection of Griffin stringing materials and tools here!

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