Jewellery with a natural touch made from scientifically researched natural stone

There are thousands of different kinds of rocks which can be found all over the world. Some are quite similar to each other, which makes them difficult to distinguish. We find it very important for you to know exactly which materials go into your natural stone collection. For those reasons, we reached out to Hanco Zwaan.


Hanco Zwaan is a mineralogist at the Dutch Gemstone Laboratories in Naturalis. He scientifically investigated our beads. He studied thoroughly every sort under the microscope. A big part of the beads have not been altered and are purely made of natural stone. Some beads contain natural stone mixed with resin to maintain quality. This type of rock could possibly be too weak to hold shape without any added materials. It is also possible that some items are imitations. Thanks to this research, we can tell you exactly how your items have been made.


A part of the collection is still in the hands of Naturalis to be checked. Now that the majority has been researched, we would like to share the first results with you. During the next months we will add the information on our webshop about the research that is still going on.