Neon trend items and shell beads

Get started for your new summer collection with these summer trends

All trends spring summer 2022 for a beautiful summer collection

Do you already know what summer jewellery you are going to create for your upcoming summer collection? If you are looking for summer trends, then this is the place to be! Especially for you we prepared the most beautiful spring/summer 2022 fashion colour trends to show you what your clients are looking for. So don’t wait any longer and take a look at these jewellery trends spring summer 2022!


The trend: Colourful summer jewellery

This summer you can get started and create colourful jewellery according to the spring/summer 2022 fashion colour trends. Summer trends are warm colours, alternated with flashy neon colours like neon pink, green and yellow. Really trending this summer! These colours will look fantastic this summer on your sun-tanned skin. Not only for your jewellery collection but also for your phone cords and sunglasses cords! With elastic Ibiza ribbon in neon colours, you will create beautiful bracelets in a small amount of time, you can combine with stainless steel bangles, which also are very popular this summer. Close your bracelet with a nice DQ bead and attach a DQ charm on your bracelet as a finishing touch and add them to your new summer collection! Do you want even more spring/summer 2022 fashion colour trends? In the trends spring summer 2022 you will also find stainless steel rings with enamel in neon colours your customers will adore. So be sure to have these in your stock! ‘Stacking’ is a part of the summer trends, so combine some ready-to-wear rings with homemade rings with colourful glass seed beads. 


Design summer jewellery with natural items

Natural items are a part of the spring/summer 2022 fashion colour trends. Prepare therefore not only colourful jewellery, but also jewellery in natural colours to add to your collection. If you want to follow the trends spring summer 2022, you should get started with natural materials and colours, like for instance shell beads or natural stone beads. In our assortment you will find all kinds and sizes of shell beads. Use the smallest shell beads for minimalistic jewellery and the bigger beads for real statement jewellery like big earrings. Natural stone beads, which also are a part of the trends spring summer 2022, will allow you to create beautiful summer jewellery. Whether you choose natural or more colourful natural stone beads, these beads must be a part of your summer collection if you want to follow the trends summer. Just like the acrylic beads tube, which are really trending this summer, you can use to create the most trendy bracelets in a small amount of time. Do you already know what to create with all these spring/summer 2022 fashion colour trends?



Be prepared for Summer

Summer collection 2022

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