All jewellery summer trends for a beautiful summer collection

Do you already know what summer jewellery you are going to create for your upcoming summer collection? If you are looking for summer trends, this is the place to be! We prepared the most beautiful summer fashion colour trends to show you what your clients are looking for. So don’t wait any longer and take a look at these summer jewellery trends!

The trend: colourful and eye-catching jewellery

This summer, you can start creating colourful and eye-catching jewellery according to the latest trends. Colourful jewellery will be seen a lot this summer, as colours naturally come out very nicely on sun-tanned skin in summer! And don't just think about jewellery but also sunglasses cords and bag hangers. With ribbon text, you can easily make beautiful bracelets that can be closed with a smart bead stopper or sliding bead. Add a beautiful pearl charm to make it even more eye-catching, and complete your collection with our ready-made stainless steel bracelets. Create summer necklaces with shell tubes, pearls and crystal glass or create eye-catching necklaces with various charms in different shapes, such as flowers, fruit, hearts and sea life. 'Stacking' of rings is the trend this summer. That's why combining your collection with our statement-ready-made rings is extra fun.


Design summer jewellery with sealife items

Besides colourful jewellery, the theme of sealife is also very important this summer. Get inspired by the ocean and create summer earrings creoles with dolphin-shaped ceramic beads, or hang a pretty seashell charm on them. With summer just around the corner, it has also become time to wear ankle bracelets again. Make stylish ankle bracelets with macramé wire, coloured summer pearls, DQ charms and crystal glass. Pair with our colourful summer hairpins in shell or flower shapes. So be sure to have them in the house! Do you know what you will create with all these ideas of sunny summer trends?


Get inspired for your summer collection

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