Christmas earrings for you Christmas collection

Pearl necklace, statement earrings and other types of Christmas jewellery

Have you already started working on your Christmas collection? Then make sure your collection is as broad as possible; in other words, design jewellery, such as Christmas earrings! Make sure to create various trends like big statement earrings by combining earring components with various resin charms. Create special moments under the Christmas tree with beautifully wrapped glitter earrings, or Christmas earrings. This makes it very easy to make statement earrings that stand out wonderfully at Christmas. Besides statement jewellery pieces, freshwater pearls are also a big must-have in your Christmas collection! Create a classic pearl necklace to combine with a belcher chain necklace and design matching earrings to pair up with pearl necklace.
Another trend item that can’t be missing this holiday season is phone cords! This is a perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree for one of your friends or family members. Who doesn’t want a trendy phone cord that keeps your phone within easy reach at all times? 

Stainless steel jewellery for combining

By incorporating stainless steel components into your collection, you are assured to create durable jewellery. This type of jewellery not only looks very pretty, but also remains beautifully colourwise and is hypoallergenic. You can choose from the large collection of ready-made stainless steel jewellery from Beads Wholesale Online and combine these items with your own handmade jewellery. Jewellery that you make yourself with crystal glass charms and spacers or a simple but chic pearl necklace goes well with stainless steel items such as belcher chains or stainless steel Miyuki exchange bracelets. Also check out the stainless steel components, such as clasps, extension chains and charms that you can incorporate into your jewellery for a beautiful Christmas collection.

Jewellery display and unique jewellery cards for Christmas

Once you have finished designing your Christmas collection, it is time to display the jewellery to your customers in a perfect way. You can do this with the various displays from the collection. Use displays for bracelets, earrings or necklaces, to show off pearl bracelets or Christmas earrings. Show various jewellery sets to your customers to demonstrate examples of jewellery pieces that can be worn together. Our in-house design team has developed new exclusive jewellery cards especially for the holidays. Make sure you have them on hand to add an extra personal message to your jewellery. Also take a look at the new packaging material that allows you to wrap every piece of jewellery - for example, Christmas earrings - in a festive way!


How to design the most beautiful Christmas jewellery to give as gifts