The prettiest natural stone items scientifically tested for you


Natural rocks are a gift from mother earth. There are a lot of different kinds hidden all over the world. Natural stone exists in every single color. It is very popular and therefore it could be difficult to determine how the beads have been altered and if it is, for example, a replica. Many items have not been altered and consist of pure natural stone. Some of the items contain natural stone mixed with resin to keep the beads strong. The pure rock could possibly be too weak to hold shape without any helping materials. Some types of rock look very much alike, which makes them hard to seperate from one another. We find it very important for you to know exactly which materials your natural stone jewellery collection is made of. That is why we have reached out to Hanco Zwaan. 


Hanco Zwaan is a mineralogist at the Dutch Gemstone Laboratories in Naturalis. He has thoroughly studied every piece of calcite, agate, tigereye and all other sorts of beads underneath the microscope. With this information you will know exactly how your natural stones have been altered. 


All our natural stones are checked thoroughly piece by piece. This process takes some time because we want the research to be as precise as possible. It takes time because of the extensive research and because of our big assortment of natural stones. The majority of the collection has been checked, so we would like to share the results with you. A small part is still at Naturalis. This part will be researched during the next months so we can add it to the other descriptions. 

Natural stone is very versatile thanks to the colors, patterns and shapes. This is why you can use the items in lots of different sorts of jewellery. Round shapes beads are easily laced upon stringing material of choice, or upon headpins to create your own charms. Disc shaped beads will give your necklaces and bracelets a playful look. Combine the natural stone items with stainless steel belcher chain for a classy look.


Did you know that many kinds of natural stone are said to have healing and supporting properties for body and soul? For example, amethyst would have a calming effect and agate would have a grounding effect. Every kind of rock would have its own healing effect. You could respond to this by designing your own zodiac sign collection. Choose rocks that are known to improve certain bad habits a zodiac sign is known for. For example, a Libra is known to be very indecisive. Tigerye is said to give insight and improve decision making. Mix and match natural stone items with zodiac signs and Birth Flower items to create a unique and personalized item. This way, you can design a jewellery collection that is not only a feast for the eye, but possibly also could be working from the inside out.


The prettiest natural stone items scientifically tested for you